Curses (d4)

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I love a good curse. But I often have issues coming up with one on the fly. So I started compiling lists of curses for when I roll up random magic items to avoid the classic “cursed sword” where the only curse is that you can’t get rid of it. Once you have a standardized curse list, curses seem to start popping up in play more often. Evil witchdoctor? Throws a curse on the party. Killed the sage? Curse baby! Random spell scroll? Oh no, curses!

Some curses are lifted straight from the Basic rulebook in the description of the Cursed Scroll. Others are adapted from the Remove Curse spell and other descriptions in other supplements. The reverse of the spell Remove Curse is typically a minor curse according to these tables. At the caster’s option, he may instead roll 1d6-2 on the “level of curse” table. Obviously, Remove Curse will reverse any of these curses. Feeble curses are often one-shot curses and won’t need to be removed as they cease doing anything after the first instance.

d4 Result


Roll on "Feeble Curses"


Roll on "Minor Curses"


Roll on "Major Curses"


Roll on "Holy Crap Curses"