Table 1-3: Types of Missions (d100)

Generate types of missions to start your adventure

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Another starting approach to adventure design is to start with the mission facing the players, and see what interesting ideas crop up about locations or villains. This table isn’t about generating missions the characters are forced to undertake in a particular way. Rather, it’s a way to jump-start your creativity into coming up with a more complex adventure scenario the players might approach in a multitude of different ways.
Since many mission-based adventures involve an employer, this section also contains tables for generating patrons. Once you come up with a combination of mission + patron, other ideas about the adventure will probably start springing to mind. What might happen if the party chooses to double-cross the patron? To side with the villain? To go after the adventure, but with a different mission in mind? To look for other patrons who might have different motivations? Most of the results you’ll generate with these tables can be expanded considerably from the basic seed-ideas.