Tomb Encounters (d20)

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A random encounter table that can be used in Dark Heresy, Inquisitor and the original Rogue Trader, with Ken Rolston's Orcs In Space RPG rules.

Note: While wandering in the tombs the characters can return to the hiveworld surface simply by retracing the same number of encounter rolls they made going in, so keep track, however, this cannot be done if their passage back is blocked by a hive quake (encounter 18), then the only way out is to find an exit to the surface (encounter 7).

1-2 on 1d6 chance per room, then roll 1D20 on the table below, to determine the exact nature of the encounter. Also roll 12 on 2d6 for a random Token, whenever anything else is encountered.

d20 Info


Electrotrap: Toughness save or paralyzed Roll 1d6 turns.


Pit trap: Lead character makes Initiative save or takes an automatic Strength 3 hit.


Warp Ghouls: Roll 1d4 Low level warp entities.


Wandering Daemonhost: Random Possessee.


Roll up a random deathworld monster encounter.


Amoeba Pit: Genetically engineered, giant, single celled creature used by the Hive Lords to break down ancient garbage:

| WS | BS | S | T  | I  | Wp | Int | Cl | Ld |
| 2  | 0  | 6 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 1   | 9  | 8  |


Exit to the surface.


Lone Genestealer on kidnapping raid.


Starving mutant cannibals: Roll 1d6 Basic Human Thugs (one mutation), improvised weapons only.


Tomb of Imperial Servant: Roll 2d20 denarii in jewels and artwork; Roll 1d4 random items. 2% chance of random magic item. Roll d5 on [1:chaos weapon; 2:chaos armor; 3:chaos item; 4-5:spellbook containing summoning spell for random Daemon (literate characters can make an Intelligence test to summon it, and then a Willpower Test to control it, can be summoned only once per week); 6:daemon weapon].


Ork raiders: Roll 1d6, randomly equipped.


Tomb of Chaos Renegade: Roll 1d3 random items; 25% chance of magic item (see #10 on this table).


Brood Nest: Roll 1d3 Genestealers, Roll 1d6 Brood Brothers, 25% chance of Genestealer patriarch.


Corpse with jewelry worth Roll 1d20 denarii (65% chance it was a trap set by Roll 1d6 gangers, these are basic Human Thugs, one has a single mutation, swords).


Roll up a random deathworld monster encounter.


Special Encounter (see below) and roll once more on this table.


Hive quake: Initiative Save or pinned under rubble; you and each comrade who helps you can roll a 15% chance to dig you out each turn: Roll 1 in 6 chance of encounter each turn while pinned, counts only if hostile encounter, and the way behind you is permanently blocked, the party must go forward to exit the tomb.


Random Warband: Roll d2 on [1-5:Chaos Renegade; 6:Sensei].


Roll on "Special Encounter Ideas" and roll once more on this table.