Space Hulk Encounters (d20)

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A random encounter table that can be used in Dark Heresy, Inquisitor and the original Rogue Trader, with Ken Rolston's Orcs In Space RPG rules.

Note that all rooms in a space hulk are considered open to deep space and in vacuum. Anything encountered therein will be wearing space suits if needed.

d20 Info


Residual Atmosphere: On forcing this door, the players must make Strength tests or be blown Roll 1d10" back into the previous room, and take an automatic Strength 2 hit.


Hard Radiation Area: Energy scanners will easily dectect this, but if the characters proceed through this room, and take an automatic Strength 3 hit. In addition, characters wounded by the radiation must make a Toughness save or roll up a single random mutation.


Warp Weirdies: Roll 1d4 Low level warp entities.


Wandering Daemonhost: Random possessed creature.


Roll 1d6 Tyranid Crawlie-Skitterbugs (basic Tyranids).


Salvageable Equipment: Ship's components worth Roll 1d10 denarii. Only a Squat, Adeptus Mechanicus or similar tech-type will be able to identify this on an Intelligence roll. Takes Roll 1d6 turns to salvage.


Roll 1d3 Genestealers.


Cargo Hold: Roll 2d20 denarii in valuable cargo; Roll d4 on [random weapons;armor;equipment;5% chance of random magic item]. Roll d5 on [1:chaos weapon; 2:chaos armor; 3:chaos item; 4-5:spellbook containing summoning spell for random Daemon (literate characters can make an Intelligence test to summon it, and then a Willpower Test to control it, can be summoned only once per week); 6:daemon weapon].


Ork raiders: Roll 1d6 randomly equipped.


Weapons Locker: Roll 1d6-4 exotic items; Roll 1d6-2 random weapons and armor will be found here. 3% chance of magic weapon. Roll d3 on [1-3:chaos weapon; 4-5:psycannon and 1d100 rounds; 6:daemon weapon].


Brood Nest: Roll 1d3 Genestealers, Roll 1d6 basic Tyranids, 25% chance of Genestealer patriarch.


Laboratory: Roll 1d6 random items. Only non-weapons will be found here.


Chaos Raiders: Roll 1d4 Basic Human Mercs (each has a random mutation) led by a basic Traitor Space Marine (random mutation and 50% chance of psychic powers).


Roll on "Special Encounter Ideas" and roll once more on this table.


Roll 1d4 Basic Squat explorers are salvaging the hulk. They may negotiate if the Narrator thinks it appropriate.


Active Stasis Chamber. May contain anything.


Random Warband Roll d2 on [1-5:Chaos Renegade; 6:Sensei].


Roll on "Special Encounter Ideas" and roll once more on this table.