Deep Space Encounters (d20)

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A random encounter table that can be used in Dark Heresy, Inquisitor and the original Rogue Trader, with Ken Rolston's Orcs In Space RPG rules.

d20 Info


Meteor Shower: Each crewmember takes a Strength 3 hit


Comet Trail: Pilot/Navigator makes an Initiative save or each crewmember takes a Strength 3 hit from radiation damage (armor does not protect, fields do).


Warp Weirdies: Roll 1d4 Low level warp entities or lesser daemons penetrate the vessel's warp shielding. This encounter occurs in the Warp only. It is no encounter in real space.


Wandering Daemon (create randomly as instant Daemon Prince or Chaos Spawn) penetrates the vessel's warp shielding. This encounter occurs in the Warp only. It is no encounter in real space.


Space Battle: The ship is in combat with an enemy vessel (roll for size of enemy: Roll d3 on [1-2:fighter; 3-4:cutter; 5:brig, 6:frigate]). Each turn, the Pilot/Navigator must make an Initiative check or each crew member takes a Strength 2 hit as the ship is hit with laser broadsides (armor and fields do not protect). One crew member is designated as the gunner and can make a Weapons Skill check each turn to hit the enemy vessel. One hit destroys a fighter, two hits destroy a cutter, three hits destroy a brig and four hits destroy a frigate. Both sides fire simultaneously. The player's Navigator/Pilot can attempt a boarding action by making a Intelligence check at -2 each turn, but the player's ship cannot fire and attempt to board on the same turn.


Roll on "Special Encounter Ideas" and roll once more on this table.


Wormhole: Navigator must make a Intelligence Check to avoid, or the ship is thrown Roll 1d6*5 light years in a random direction.


Boarding Action: Roll 1d4 Necron Warriors bypass the ship's shielding and teleport in.


Boarding Action: Imperial vessel: Roll 1d6 Naval Ratings and a Naval Officer (Roll up as Imperial Army). They will not attack Imperial servants, unless these are acting suspiciously.


Space Hulk: Ship encounters a huge derelict spacecraft. Roll on the Space Hulk Encounters Table if you wish to explore it.


Boarding Action: Ork raiders:Roll 1d6, randomly equipped.


Boarding Action: Pirates: Roll 1d6 Basic Humans and a Human Champion Officer. Equipped as Imperial Army.


Hijackers: Roll 1d6 Basic Human Thugs have managed to stow away on the ship, and now attack. Since the crew was expecting nothing, no one is armored and no weapons other than a single pistol or close combat weapon (player's choice) are carried. Everything else is stored in the ship's weapons locker.


Smuggler's Ship: The players can choose to board. It carries Roll 1d6 Basic Humans and a Human Champion Officer, and Roll 2d20 Imperial denarii in contraband or stolen loot.


Black Ship: This is an Inquisition vessel, carrying an Inquisitor, Roll 1d6 Basic Human Mercs, and Roll 1d6 imprisoned rogue psykers or daemonhosts (possessees) being taken to Earth. The Black Ship may ask the player's for assistance, demand to board them (there is a ship nearby carrying illegal psykers) or whatever the narrator thinks is appropriate.


Imperial Ship: Carries either an Inquisitor, Rogue Trader, or Adeptus Mechanicus, also 1d6 Basic Humans equipped as Adeptus Arbites.


1D4 Trynocs have caught onto the ship's exterior and are chewing on the power cables. The players must don space suits and go out to kill them, before they disable the ship: Statistics as Medium sized giant insects from the 40k Rulebook.


Component Damage: There has been a severe triskadelic plasmo-radiation overload to the ship's dinictarian quadriconverters. The ship must divert course to the nearest habitable planet and land to make repairs. Roll d4 on [1:Hiveworld; 2:Spaceport; 3:Deathworld; 4:Spacehulk]. Repairs take Roll 1d6 days of encounter rolls. If the player's ship is destroyed in battle and they are sucking vacuum, each rolls: Roll d4 on [1:automatic hit from S3 hit from vacuum and roll again next round if still alive; 2-3:picked up by a drop pod and crashland on a random planet; 4:captured by enemy vessel; 5-6:automatic S4 hit from radiation and roll again].


Boarding Action: Tyranid droneship:Roll 1d3 Genestealers, and Roll 1d6 Basic Tyranids.


Player's ship encounters a vessel broadcasting a distress signal; it appears to be damaged. If the player's ship approaches, Roll d5 on [1:Space Battle (as encounter 5-6 above, the "damaged vessel" counts as a cutter, but gets one free round of attacks as the player's move in to aid it); 2:Ork raiders lying on board (as encounter 11, above); 3:Pirates lying in wait (as enounter 12, above); 4-5:genuine distress signal. The vessel is stranded in space. The players will be rewarded with 2D20 Imperial denarii for taking the passengers safely home; 6:appears to be as result 4-5 on this chart BUT the 1d6 passengers are Genestealer Brood Brothers, AND there is also a hidden Genestealer on board].