Plot hooks (d12)

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Who becomes the DM's plot hook for todays game.

d12 Result


Power gamer who pretends he’s not after spending two hours explaining how he can one hit kill a elder red dragon with a toothpick and a gnome.


Power gamer who doesn’t know the rules very well but has memorized attacks of opportunity and death by massive damage rules which lets him think he is the whole party by himself.


Power gamer who’s a rules nazi and everyone calls ‘Little Hitler’ because of his stupid mustache.


Guy playing a girl and trying to hit on everyone because we all think he is secretly gay and this is his way of telling us even though it is really creepy.


Furry gamer playing a monster race as his ‘persona’ and getting upset when the rules wont fit his stupid fetishes because a ‘+5 studded dragon skin leather thong of holding and sexy demon summoning’ is not allowed nor is his Red rocket spear of penetration.


Newbie gamer who was roped in and knows nothing but wants to play and is now sitting there in utter terror.


Person who equates everything to WoW/Diablo/etc and must always call things ‘raids’ an wanting to know who he has to PK to get some plot here.


‘Roleplayer’ who wants the entire game to revolve around them. Roleplayer is also often the largest drama queen at the table. He wants to see the illegal dragonskin leather thong to compare it to his characters background of being a dragon slayer with a history of leather working and magic casting as well as being in touch with various gods which give him ‘special’ powers. If said thong is remotely connected to his backstory, he will then derail the game for several hours about how it’s ‘metagaming’ to ‘copy’ him.


NPC that is mildly amusing because the entire party has spent five hours drinking in the bar and robbing all of the NPCs, causing the town guard to get involved and it devolves into a slaughter fest and this NPC managed to survive.


Player who brought me food and or bribery. Alternately the most sober player at the table, if no player is found re roll.


Person who thinks hes Riddick/Wolverine/etc and becomes upset at his twinkery being shot down.


Average gamer who never makes waves during any sessions who also does nothing to advance the plot or interact with anyone unless its to rob them blind of gold, leather thongs or special powers because ‘the dice rolled a 20’.