Monster Island - Narcotics and Perfumes (1d20)

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Random Tables from Monster Island by Design Mechanism - Sandbox Campaign

Game system(s): Mythras, RuneQuest 6. Although its fairly system neutral really!
Line: Mythras
Genre: Roleplaying, BRP, D100,

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1d20 Narcotic Sales Price Dose Amount Properties


Black Lotus Dust


One quill

As described on page 115 of RuneQuest, except that smoking Black Lotus dust causes a trance-like Unconsciousness instead of Paralysis, and has the additional benefit of recovering Roll 1d10 Magic Points


Drakk Bark


A folded leaf sachet

A dark coloured bark which when powdered and burned repels insects for an hour in a small area around the fire. If brewed into tea the effects last six hours, as it is sweated through the skin, but at the expense of turning body odour unpleasantly acrid


Golden Bromeliad Nectar


One quill

A near odourless (to humanoids) sticky fluid which attracts stinging insects for 3 hours. It is normally smeared on a lure to tempt bees away from their hives or redirect ants, but is sometimes covertly used on the personal possessions of somebody as an act of petty vengeance


Jubala Bark


Half kilo

When burned as incense and inhaled, makes all Deceit attempts two grades more difficult for the next hour. Normally used during inter tribal negotiations


Kocha Leaves


One wad of leaves

A stimulant which alleviates one level of Fatigue and reduces the temperature penalties Cold Blooded creatures suffer by ten degrees Celsius. Each wad lasts four hours of chewing. It is primarily used by natives when venturing up into the mountains


Kulamyu Pod Root


Turnip-sized tuber

The magic-storing tip of the plants main root which gives a proportion of its last victims Magic Points (usually Roll 2d6) to the eater, but at some risk. The eater must succeed in an Endurance roll, or a new kulamyu plant sprouts within the eaters stomach and kills them Roll 1d3 days later


Lethe Powder


One quill

Silver powder strained from a solitary thermal spring high in the mountains, this mineral substance wipes all short term memory from the mind of whoever inhales it, so that they cannot remember anything from the last Roll 1d3 days


Moly Blossom


One Blossom

Grants its eater a temporary protection against sorcery as if under the benefit of a Spell Resistance of Intensity Roll 6+1d3. Sadly the blooms last only Roll 1d4+1 days before they fade and die




One quill

A powder which places the imbiber or eater into a dreamless sleep with no apparent side effects


Perfumed Klatu Sap


Half litre jar

Improves communication skill attempts by one grade for six hours, requiring entire jar to be rubbed into the skin. Klatu sap comes in a diverse range of colours, each tint reflecting a slightly different scent based on the subspecies of tree and time of year the sap is drawn


Pholzalu Pollen


One quill

Highly addictive narcotic which, when snorted, briefly boosts the users reflexes (+1 to Combat Actions) at the expense of gaining Roll 1d3 levels of Fatigue at the end of combat. Each dose requires a Willpower roll at a sequentially increasing penalty to avoid addiction, after which point not taking the drug reduces Combat Actions by one. Subsequently the user must succeed in an Endurance test every time it is taken, or add an incremental +1 to the level of Fatigue loss. Addiction eventually ends in death


Pylenos Cordial


Juice of one fruit

Docility enforcer used by the High Folk on their slaves, removing any inclination to struggle against or escape authority. Each week of continued imbibing reduces Willpower by Roll 1d3/.5 until the slave is enfeebled to the point of complete submission


Rhanthois Dust


A folded leaf sachet

A psychedelic hypnotic used both as a recreational narcotic and a mind enhancer. If eaten or drunk, it allows the user to attempt to re-roll any previously failed mental skill check, but at the cost of imposing one additional difficulty grade on all Willpower checks for the next 12 hours


Selenaru Lichen


Quarter kilo per day

Found on the upper slopes of the Southern Tane Mountains. If smoked over the course of recovery, boosts Healing Rate by 1




One quill

Places the imbiber into a narcoleptic sleep lasting Roll 1d3 days, so deep as to be mistaken as dead


Tanu Leaf

Roll 1d10 thousand

One leaf

When chewed, slows the effect of ageing for the next Roll 1d6+4 years, preserving the user at their current physiological age. Since tanu plants are rare and only sprout new leaves every Roll 1d3 hundred years their value is almost priceless


Uvlesk Juice


Half litre jar

Sends the drinker up onto the Spirit World after Roll 1d3 hours, or half that if engaged in serious physical effort. Has a distinct bitter taste and stains the interior of the mouth purple. Those not wishing to succumb must succeed in a Hard Willpower test to keep their soul within their body


Vutomisia Leaf


One pipe or cheroot

Stimulant which allows smokers to ignore one grade of difficulty penalty against any physical skill for the next hour. Side effects are a 1d6 hour long hangover which increases Fatigue by one level. However each dose further increases this period by an extra hour, unless the drug is smoked again.


Yarad Gum


Quarter kilo lump

A clear amber-tinted analgesic gum, which when warmed and packed into or around a wound, removes all pain from an injury


Yohimbe Aphrodisiac


One quill

Scrapings from the back of a rare beetle which must be soaked in hot water a single quill will brew enough for a single person, reducing their resistance to Seduction attempts by one difficulty grade