Monster Island - Special Events (d100)

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Random Tables from Monster Island by Design Mechanism - Sandbox Campaign

Game system(s): Mythras, RuneQuest 6. Although its fairly system neutral really!
Line: Mythras
Genre: Roleplaying, BRP, D100,

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d100 Event Description


Nothing Happens

Nothing special happens in this time.


Ash Clouds

Either of the island’s volcanoes releases a huge belch of ash which blocks out the sun for Roll 1d3+1 days and makes breathing laborious due to the fine ash particles (everyone suffers a mandatory level of Fatigue)


Dead Arise

The doors to the spirit world open, allowing the dead to return for a single day and night. Unless blessed or entombed within a sealed container, all dead bodies and dismembered body parts across the island rise as Undeath Spirit-infested zombies with an Intensity of Roll 1d3.



An earth tremor shakes the entire island. Roll 1d10 and refer to the Earthquake table (see RuneQuest page 269). The still standing cities and tombs of the High Folk are constructed well enough that they suffer no structural damage from such events.



Low level jungle regions flood for Roll 1d3 days, making travel impossible unless moving along the ruined causeways or paddling by boat. Those caught away from high ground will eventually drown unless they can swim to safety.


Insect Plague

Some ecological imbalance causes the over-breeding of a species of insect which runs wild for Roll 1d3+4 days until the indigenous species consume the glut. Unless taking cover within hermetically sealed chambers deep underground, or using some form of magic, everyone on the island suffers Roll 1d3 damage per day to each Hit Location from accumulated bites, stings or toxins – potentially life threatening for sick or injured people – and driving creatures with thin skins mad with irritation.



Mudflows caused by excessive rainfall or the melting of snow and ice by volcanic heat. Unlike eruptive activity, lahars can occur anywhere on the island, the collapse of a steep slope or ridge forming a thick, viscous mud which sweeps down with the strength and speed to flatten or bury everything in their path. Characters should be permitted a Perception roll to hear the approaching disaster and flee to high ground away from the mudflow’s path. Failure indicates they are caught in the flow and drowned unless they make a Brawn or Swim roll. Even if they survive they lose everything not physically attached to their person.


Lava Flow

Mount Ruaumoko erupts, sending lava flows across its flanks down to the sea, sending huge clouds of obscuring steam across the southern tip of the island, if occurring in Wet Season. Anyone on the volcano may also be subject to volcanic bombs, roll a successful Evade or be struck for Roll 2d6 impact damage plus an additional Roll 1d6 burn damage on an upper body location Roll 1d10+10. Being so slow, the lava itself is not dangerous unless it cuts off retreat.


Lightning Storm

Lightning rains down across the island in a tempestuous display, the bolts striking near anywhe e a geomantic node is located (see page 131), such as Smoking Mirror portals, temple ruins, hidden tombs, and so on. Anyone caught near one of these magically attracted lightning bolts suffers the equivalent of the Sunspear Miracle at an Intensity of Roll 1d6.


Magical Conjunction

The stars are right! An astronomical conjunction affects the strength of one type of magic across the island, boosting the Intensity of spirits by Roll 1d3 or spells and miracles by Roll 1d6. The conjunction lasts Roll 1d3 days.



An unknown instinct causes the creatures of the island to migrate towards one of the remaining High Folk citadels, either increasing or reducing the chance of an encounter and the number involved, depending on location. The urge lasts for only Roll 1d8+6 days but may cause inhabitants of abandoned areas a temporary shortage of food, whereas the inhabitants near the target region will become cut off by dangerously concentrated numbers of beasts.


Pyroclastic Flow

Mount Kamohoali (Fuming Mountain) erupts, sending a deadly cloud of hot volcanic debris, ash, and gases that travel at speeds in excess of at least 100 km/h. The flow is heading Resolve: {1?North|2?North East|3?East|4?South East|5?South|6?South West|7?West|8?North West} and covers Roll 1d6*5 kilometres in that direction. Anything in this path is generally incinerated, buried or both; unless in the lee of a mountain or above the level of the valley-hugging flow. Characters that succeed in a Hard Perception roll may notice the warning earth tremors and attempt to find cover (Survival) or flee the area (Formidable Athletics).


Sinkhole Opens

Due to underground water erosion or the weakening of the roof of a lava tube, a sinkhole dramatically opens – potentially appearing under a village, road or camp site. Anyone in close proximity to the collapse has mere moments to flee, before being engulfed. A successful Athletics or Evade is needed to escape in time, or they will suffer a catastrophic fall. The final dimensions of the sinkhole are Roll 1d6*5 metres across and Roll 1d100 metres deep.


Time Flashback

The island is transformed by a dreamlike illusion, portraying the land as it was before the great cataclysm. Although most of the creatures remain undeterred from their normal instincts, sapient species have trouble negotiating the oddly transformed landscape – Navigation rolls required. A side benefit of the flashback permits explorers the chance to locate hitherto undiscovered ruins.


Tropical Disease

Either a mundane contagious disease is encountered (see page 172) or swarms of Sickness Spirits (all of the same type) sweep the island, attacking everyone in Spirit Combat. Those that end up possessed by the spirit suffer its associated disease.



Offshore earthquakes cause a tsunami with waves reaching Roll 1d10+10 metres in height. Whilst this has little effect on the towering cliffs of the island, anyone at sea or located in the lower quarter of Grimsand will be killed unless a Boating, Seamanship or Swim roll is made as applicable.



A tropical storm of severe potency hits the island. Its Hurricane Category Roll 1d10/2 (treat as an Earthquake of Intensity 5+Category). The typhoon lasts Roll 1d3 days, during which time anyone caught outside without suitable shelter will suffer the associated damage per hour. All rivers run in spate for a period of Roll 1d6+1 days after the storm ends, making them deadly, if not impossible to cross.