Quest (2d10)

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A quest is the stuff of legend. It is a truly impossible task, beyond the bounds of ordinary men and women, capable of being accomplished by a mere handful of individuals in the entire history of the galaxy. A successfully completed quest is a cornerstone and turning point for an entire campaign, marking the moment when the Crew steps into the annals of history.

“Always with you what cannot be done.”

Quests are often used as the basis for activating a powerful A is for Artifact, but can be harnessed throughout the life of a Star Wars RPG campaign whenever a truly miraculous event must occur. Quests use a new level of Difficulty, appropriately labeled as Impossible, represented as seven (7) purple Difficulty Dice. Attempting these tasks when under duress, with additional external factors, and in otherwise less-than-ideal situations upgrades the check and adds Setback dice, as appropriate.

Select from one of the insurmountable obstacles below to begin the design of your quest. Alternatively, roll 2d10 and let the luck of the dice begin your journey.

2d10 Quest Difficulty


The answers to what you seek are known only to the most unscrupulous Jawa trader of all time.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Negotiation check


The key to unlocking your conundrum is, in fact, a symbiotic, living energy wave. It must be designed and grown completely from scratch.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Medicine check


To progress on your journey, a relic of indestructible Mandalorian Iron must be found among the uncountable rocky debris of lost Alderaan.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Perception check


The solution to your puzzle is broadcast by a mysterious object in or near your possession. However, the values show so quickly and briefly that no system, not even a computer, can detect them.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Vigilance check


To find the answers that you seek, you must travel through a black hole singularity and emerge safely.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Piloting [space] check


The results of a complex data analysis which you need have been stored away in the Emperor’s central computer vault on the Imperial capital world. You must slice in and retrieve it.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Computers check


An ancient relic leftover from the golden years of antiquity and galactic civilization must be reforged using the tools available in these dark times, despite originally being created with far more advanced technology.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Mechanics check


The solution you seek is found by unraveling an ancient puzzle that has plagued philosophers with doubt and uncertainty for twenty millennia.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Knowledge [lore] check


Seven lightsabers held aloft by Jedi Knights must be crossed together to open the path to a special L is for Location, wherein lie the answer which you seek.


A J is for Jedi master must meditate on the situation and its solution. Only the utmost power over of the Light Side of the force will show you the way.

an Impossible(OOOOOOO)
Force check


To continue forward on your quest, you must travel to a star system shut off from all hyperspace lanes and existing on the fringes of our reality.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Astrogation check


The path forward lies hidden in the message of an ancient ritual of a forgotten sentient species, extinct now for ages upon ages.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Knowledge [xenology] check


Your destiny lies in solving a lock puzzle designed by a hyper-intelligent alien species exiled to a far off galaxy. It’s solution involves the simultaneous placement of dozens of gilded pieces to within a few atomic distances of alignment.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Skulduggery check


The answers to that which you seek lie within the realm of mystical superstition and psychic power. To find them, you must direct the thoughts of a billion living sentients onto a singular purpose.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Leadership check


The key to your quest can only be found by melting the nigh-indestructible outer casing of an ancient relic in the heart of a star and surviving the overwhelming heat penetrating your starship.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Resilience check


Your answers lie within a crumbling R is for Ruin, located in the heart of an airless moon. You must survive a pilgrimage of 7 weeks to reach this location and discover your goal.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Survival check


The utmost in mental clarity and focus is needed to see the path to solve your crisis. You must keep your hand in theVault of Ultimate Pain for 1 hour without removing it or breaking down in tears.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Discipline check


The answer you seek is awarded as part of the prize for winning a galaxy-wide, competitive sabaac gambling tournament, defeating the best of 100 quadrillion inhabitants of the galaxy.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Cool check


The solution to your impasse is known only by one street urchin living on a core world planet-city of 20 billion inhabitants. You must find this person.

an Impossible (ddddddd)
Streetwise check