101 Star Wars NPCs (d101)

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I recently created a large list of non-player characters (NPCs) that exist in my Star Wars campaign. Since Star Wars is such an expansive universe with a wide variety of races and character types, it can sometimes be overwhelming to think of unique characters with a different race, name, and class on the fly. Here are 101 Star Wars NPCs that game masters can use in their campaign. The NPCs vary widely in power and ability. They could potentially be encountered anywhere in a campaign and could be dropped into almost any Star Wars era.


by Samuel Van Der Wall http://www.rpgalchemy.com/101-star-wars-npcs-1-50/

d101 Name Race Role Info



HK-51 Assassin Droid

Assassin Droid

A sentient, rogue assassin droid, K-1 is infamous for inflicting massive casualties to eliminate his targets. He is most known for destroying an entire building of 4,000 people to kill one target.


The Wraith

Defel (Male)


No one knows his name so he is simply referred to as “The Wraith”, a racial nickname for all Defel. He is known for eliminating targets that are public figures (politicians, entertainers, famous individuals, etc.).


Var Scathin

Dashade (Male)


Var is an assassin that specializes in the destruction of force users. Due to his racial heritage, he is not affected by the powers of the Force. He has no allegiance to the light or dark side of the force.


Hoan Harik

Human (Male)


As far as assassins go, Hoan plays it by the book. He is a gentleman’s assassin, if there ever was such a thing. His claim to fame was allegedly killing an Imperial Moff. Shortly after it was thought he was either killed by the Imperials or retired into seclusion (with a huge pay day). He recently resurfaced again.



Quarren (Male)


The biggest question in the sector isn’t who killed the crime lord, Junda the Hutt. Everyone knows (or thinks they know) that Vossegg did it. The question is, who hired him to do it? Most believe that Drudo the Hutt is the one who hired Vossegg. If that is the case, Vossegg hasn’t told anyone yet. The other Assassins and Bounty Hunters hired to get him haven’t either.


Suvo Tetsu

Rodian (Male)

Bounty Hunter

Works for the Hutts exclusively, specifically the crime lord Drudo the Hutt. If he is coming after you, you are wanted by a Hutt somewhere in the Galaxy.


Cerlo KaRuda

Herglic (Male)

Bounty Hunter

An associate of the Tochi Crime Syndicate, Cerlo is equally known for his ability to find his targets and his inability to return them alive. He tries, he is just not very good at it (the keeping them alive part).


Horo Vondin

Human (Male)

Bounty Hunter

Known as the “Corporate Bounty Hunter”, Horo specializes in working for legitimate corporations and hunting down their bad apples. He is considered a high-class bounty hunter that can capture and take a target in with the tact needed to avoid embarrassing the corporation.



Kerestian (Male)

Bounty Hunter

Vedocast is a particularily ruthless bounty hunter that is widely known to work for crime lords. He works outside the law and not within the structure of that most guild bounty hunters operate in. He is skilled, ruthless, and highly capable of tracking down nearly any target. Thrown weapons with a tranquilizing poison are his preferred method of capture.



Nikto (Male)

Guild Master

“M” is a guild master for the local bounty hunter guild. All legal bounties in the sector pass through his agency at some point. He is a very controversial guild master as the Nikto’s connections with the Hutts are well-documented. Many claim that Hutts get special preference or discounts with bounties in the sector because of M’s influence.


Kuna Shule

Human (Male)

Corporate Leader

Leads a large trade guild and mining consortium called the Nexus Consortium. They specialize in mining Genetrene and Triminium, which are used in the creation of a medical liquid that is a cheaper alternative to bacta fluid. They also oversee all importing and exporting for the sector.


Borelvo Faldor

Khil (Male)


Borelvo is an inventor that works on building innovative devices for use in corporate industries. Whatever problem the corporation is trying to solve, Borelvo tries to invent something that will provide a solution. He has numerous patents on various items and is very wealthy because of them. He currently owns a significant share of stock in several different corporations that he has worked for.



Kian-thar (Female)

Corporate Mediator

Ara uses her race’s natural ability to sense emotions as a corporate mediator. She has experience brokering numerous deals between various corporations, governments, and the Imperials. She also has been known to work with smaller businesses in order to get rid of criminal elements extorting them for “protection” money. Her work doing this pro bono has earned her many allies in the small business world.



Tiss’shar (Male)

Protection Agent

Abin-Di-Shan works for the Nexus Consortium as a protection agent. He can be seen with his team of Tiss’shar agents anywhere the consortium deems they have a security threat. Whether it is traveling with a trade convoy, or protecting a facility, Abin and his crew are top-level corporate security agents.


Otto Dane

Human (Male)


Otto is a principal owner in the Nexus Consortium. He is a reclusive individual that prefers to run the guild remotely. He has installed various leaders, such as Kuna Shule, to work for him and run his business. Although he rarely involves himself directly, he is always manipulating the company from afar.


Drudo the Hutt

Hutt (Male)

Crime Lord

His full name is Drudo Jiramma Zocha. His criminal organization specializes in loan sharking, spice (drug) sales, black market trading, smuggling, scams, and gambling. His palace is located on the planet Scorpium and he is rumored to have killed other Hutts to further his organization.


Prince Xelas

Unknown race (Male)

Crime Lord

His violent criminal organization specializes in assassination, slavery, robbery, extortion, pirating, and kidnapping. It is rumored that Prince Xelas is simply a title that is held the person running the organization. There is some evidence that his organization has a good working relationship with the Bothan Spynet.


Balfur Taske

Weequay (Male)


Balfur formerly led his own pirate gang but he joined up with the Tochi Crime Syndicate and now performs pirating duties exclusively for them. He operates heavily within the spice trade, attacking ships involved with it’s manufacturing and transportation.


Dua Yovv

Sullastan (Male)


Known to operate on the planet, Antiria. He has been enslaving a local species of low-tech aliens that lives there and selling them out. He also deals in many other forms of humanoid trafficking.


Jesma Niathan

Mon Calamari (Female) Eco-


A founding member of the “eco-friendly” group, The Verdant Accord. She and her compatriots are more commonly seen as eco-terrorists. They are often associated with sabotaging or destroying anything they deem to be damaging to the environment. They are very loose with their definition of what damages the environment.



Dresselian (Male) Eco-


Jarrinaaco, or “Jarin”, is considered to be an eco-terrorist but calls himself a freedom fighter. He does not work well in groups and is essentially a lone eco-terrorist committing various crimes in the name of “freedom”. He is wanted by the Imperials and local sector government for numerous crimes. He has made the claim that he will never be taken alive for the acts he has committed.



Togorian (Female)


She works as an enforcer for the Tochi Crime Syndicate. Truskka is typically the lead for a small group of syndicate members that travel around the sector dealing with various problems that occur for the syndicate. Their resolutions range from extortion, to sabotage, or even murder.



Chiss (Male)


Wishi is an independent smuggler that operates within the sector. He has extensive knowledge about military tactics but does not divulge where he learned them. His ship is named Traitor’s Shroud.



Falleen (Female)


Xera is a violent outlaw that has murdered several famous individuals throughout the sector. She has seduced and killed numerous individuals, sometimes for money, sometimes for other reasons. It is now more difficult for her to operate due to her notorious reputation, but she still manages to find willing targets.


Selmi Artle

Bargawin (Female)

Security Specialist

Formerly a legitimate businesswoman in the security field, Selmi began working for Drudo the Hutt and that all changed. She has designed many different security systems for Drudo’s businesses. Many of them are not legal in the information they gather and defend Drudo’s businesses in an illegal and lethal manner. Selmi is working on perfecting mobile automated targeting drones.



Berrite (Male)

Con Man

Dexian will come off as the dumbest being you’ve met in recent memory when you first meet him. Somehow, you will usually end up leaving the encounter without money, weapons, personal transportation, or your identification. His slow actions and speech disguise in incredibly cunning and clever individual.


Relphant Ronn

Chevin (Male)

Gun Runner

If you are looking for personal weaponry, Relphant is your man (or Chevin). He has numerous connections for acquiring small arms weaponry of all types. He typically uses smugglers or other criminals to transport the goods. His loyalty is to the highest bidder.



Elom (Male)


Krenk is a well-known pirate and thug. He is a drifter that has been associated with numerous pirate ships and gangs. He tends to wear out his welcome even in those environments. But he is always able to find work due to his willingness to do anything, no matter how ruthless it may seem. He is an exceptional brawler.



Klatoonian (Male)


Klatu used to work for Junda the Hutt before Junda was assassinated. Since then, he has found himself in the employ of several different Hutt masters. His primary work is done as an enforcer that collects “protection” money from various small businesses but he is also an adept smuggler.



Nimbanese (Female)


Works for Drudo the Hutt. She is in charge of Drudo’s loan sharking business. She also protects much of the “legitimate” portions of Drudo’s empire through manipulation of laws and regulations.


Quinno Vth’Kahr

Sludir (Male)

Crime Boss

Quinno rose from literally nothing to being a significant leader in the Tochi Crime Syndicate. He was captured from his home world and served as a slave for years. He broke free and worked his way up within the organization. He has become very adept at all things criminal but vehemently opposes slavery within the organization.


Onhan Avit

Vodran (Male)


The right-hand man and advisor to Drudo the Hutt. Onhan has risen above what most of his race aspire to be. He has significant power within Drudo’s empire and often conducts business for Drudo when he is unable to. When Onhan speaks, he typically speaks with the power of Drudo the Hutt himself.


Viado Tokani

Human (Male)

Crime Boss

The youngest major boss in the Tochi Crime Syndicate. Viado’s family, the Tokani clan, is firmly entrenched within the syndicate. Simply identifying yourself with the last name of Tokani in the sector should warrant either respect or fear. Viado aims to keep it that way.


Zhane Ordo

Human (Male)

Spice Dealer

One of the biggest dealers in the sector, Zhane has carved out his own little area in the criminal world. He doesn’t work directly for any major crime lord but if his business gets any bigger he may not have a choice.


Tichinde Ne Dago

Elomin (Male)


With a sizable pirate fleet under his command, Tichinde has become a substantial problem for the local government. His connections with local spies have allowed him to find out important information regarding trade routes within the system. He has taken full advantage of this and captured several major interstellar shipments.


Bithabus the Mystifier

Bith (Male)

Stage Magician

Famous for his holographic shows, his slogan is, “Believe!” Currently employed by Arin Riniath of Club Supernova as an entertainer that travels throughout their establishments doing shows.



Barabel (Male)


Perhaps the wealthiest and most famous athlete in the sector, Thartul is in the prime of his career, a true champion of his sport. He has numerous rumored connections to various criminal organizations but has never be officially linked with any.


Jado Baize

Human (Male)

Speeder Bike Racer

A famous speeder bike racer that travels with his race team, “Birds of Prey”, throughout the Galaxy to various races. He is extremely popular and very well-known for his charitable donations to victims of wars and slavery. He has survived two assassination attempts on his life, both are suspected to have been orchestrated by slavers.


Grom Nardu

Houk (Male)


Known as the strongest being in the sector, Grom started out as a bouncer at high end clubs. He eventually transitioned into strongman competition where he had great success. He has many sponsorships, but his most famous is a biomedical research company. Since his association with the company he has gone undefeated in competition, leading many to believe that he is using their products to cheat.



Snivvian (Male)


Often seen at starports, bars and nightclubs around the sector, Varton is a writer and artist that focuses on telling the tales of adventurers. He is a deep thinker and always tries to befriend people with stories he thinks are worth telling. He has met a lot of important people and has a lot of knowledge about many different topics.



Twi’lek (Male)

Fallen Jedi

Zhad (for short) discovered his force powers at an early age. Self-taught, he attempted to do the “right thing” and follow the path towards good. Growing up surrounded by a criminal element did not help and he eventually turned to the dark side. He can occasionally be found working for criminal elements in the sector.



Human (Female)

Jedi Witch

She claims to be a descendent of the Witches of Dathomir. Although she displays some force-like abilities that are similar to those of Dathomir, that is where the similarities end. Adritia is a deranged, esoteric, recluse that people occasionally visit for her sage-like abilities.


Trolin She

Rellarin (Male)


Most outsiders view Trolin as a primitive wandering sage. He attributes his force-like abilities to his spirituality and the rituals he performs. For appearing very primitive, he seems to offer uncanny wisdom and sage advice to those who converse with him.


Kuroth Arkanus

Human (Male)


Kuroth is one of the few, known Jedi that operate within the sector. Not much is known about him other than people suspect he is either from the sector or has family there. He has famously taken on, and defeated, two Inquisitors that were sent to destroy him. The Empire is actively searching for him since the most recent incident and he has not been seen since. It is believed he was trained by Koro Koon.


Koro Koon

Kel Dor (Male)


Koro is a highly trained Jedi that has resided within the sector for a long time. He was active in helping the local government fight against the Imperials decades ago. When the Imperials left, Koro disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. He is believed to have trained Kuroth Arkanus.


Chief Ran “Blue Eyes” Berand

Human Cyborg (Male)

Sector Security Chief

Human Cyborg (Male) Sector Security Chief – Ran, also known as Blue Eyes (due to his piercing blue cybernetic eyes), is responsible for the security of starships traveling within the sector. He works closely with local governments, corporations, and the Imperials to oversee the safety of all starships, their crews, and passengers.


Cen Oles

Advozsec (Male)


Cen acts on behalf of the sector government in manners between the government and either large corporations or the Imperials. He is hot-headed and fiercely loyal to local government, which he sees as an extension of himself and his personal interests. He is very security conscious and meticulous in his planning.


Brodrick Tellis

Iotran (Male)


Broderick was instrumental in brokering peace between the planets within his sector when the Imperials attempted to take it over. He is considered one of the key individuals that helped the sector maintain independence. As such, he is incredibly popular with the people of the sector. His strength is leading a strong, stable government through solid education and military traditions.


Queen Eelynn Lora

Human (Female)


Although the royal family does not officially run the sector government, it is still prominent as a visible figurehead for the planets. Queen Eelynn Lora is the current head of the royal family that has “ruled” over the sector for hundreds of years.


Dash Lora

Human (Male)

Royal Spokesman

Dash is a member of sector royalty. Although not a leader, he is the official “voice” of the royal family. Anything pertaining to the royal family will travel through him. He is a well-spoken diplomat and has high aspirations of bringing the royal family back to true power.


Governor Erach Anson

Human (Male)


Governor Erach Anson is the head of the Triumvirate, the governing body for the sector. Quietly, the Governor strongly believes that the Imperials will eventually take over the sector. He is currently hedging his bets by working both with the local government and Imperials. His primary goal is to hold his position as Governor of the sector no matter who the sector belongs to.


Commander Saquinn

Quarren (Male)

Search and Rescue Commander

Saquinn is the head of space search and rescue operations for the sector. If a ship is lost in an asteroid belt, adrift in space, or needs to be located, Saquinn and his team (of mostly volunteers) are activated to go look for and assist those in need. Their focus is on recovering people, not their ships or goods.


Inspector Yasy Tu’Lya

Bothan (Female)

Lead Inspector

Yasy is the head inspector for the local government. Their division checks for compliance in many different areas, particularily those related to medicine and mining.


Ra’Tina – Twi’lek (Female) Spy

Twi’lek (Female)


While not openly acknowledged, the local government does employ a number of spies to protect their interests. Ra’Tina moonlights as a government diplomat, but her real job is as a spy. She is deployed to address long-term threats to the government.



Droid Administrator

Droid Administrator

Duron-X is responsible for commanding the local government’s fleet of droids. Duron-X is a unique, one-of-a-kind droid that is able to plug into the sector’s network, monitor, and control all droid traffic. Although there is a safety net in place for command of the droid fleet, Duron-X controls them all under a hive-like mind.


Moff Tannis Arkith

Human (Male)

Imperial Moff

Moff Tannis Arkith is a sector takeover specialist. He is typically assigned to sectors with minimal Imperial presence with the goal of implementing a takeover. He is considered by many as a military and diplomatic genius.


Lieutenant Jafan Typho

Human (Male)


Jafan is part of a specialized TIE Fighter unit called the Dark Flyers. They have been assigned to the sector with the primary mission of dealing with high risk threats. The Dark Flyers use TIE Fighters with top-tier equipment to accomplish their mission. They are assigned to the Victory II-Class Star Destroyer, The Indestructible.


Kai Lya’Lya

Bothan (Female)

Imperial Intelligence Agent

No one knows why Kai defected from the Bothan Spynet to work with Imperial Intelligence or how the Imperials came to acquire her. To this day it remains one of the greatest losses from the Bothan Spynet and greatest gains to Imperial Intelligence. It is suspected that many Bothan deaths were directly related to this defection.


High Inquisitor Trekur

Human (Male)

High Inquisitor

Has formidable force skills and interrogation skills. His mere presence is sometimes enough to break the will of those resisting Imperial Intelligence. Trekur serves directly under the Grand Inquisitor.


Tyris Cass

Human (Male)

Storm Trooper

Tyris is a Storm Trooper squad Sergeant that has been there and done that. He has the respect of his fellow troopers, his commanders, and of the common citizen that know of him. He’s not “your average Storm Trooper”. Upon encountering him, his skills and experience bear that out immediately.


Dain Landoo

Human (Male)

TIE Fighter Pilot

Dain is a hot shot TIE Fighter pilot and he knows it. He is going places fast within the Imperial military but his brash attitude and falure to follow Imperial policy have written checks that even his skill can’t always cash. If he gets his act together, the stars are the limit. If not, his career as one of the most gifted TIE Fighter pilots ever could come to a crashing halt.


Ricardo Varga

Human (Male)

Scout Trooper

Ricardo is a veteran Scout Trooper. His career as a Scout has spanned many planets in many sectors. Due to his experience, he is often deployed solo into areas or as the forward observer to a larger detachment. Ricardo is an expert Speeder Bike pilot and at getting out of hairy situations.


Raena Ennada

Human (Female)

Diplomatic Official

Raena is a diplomatic official for the Imperial government and military. She will often go into an area and attempt to broker a peaceful solution to a problem before the military comes in and solves it (their way). Those that know her know she is a harbinger that foreshadows Imperial military intervention. It is a huge aid she has when she is “negotiating”.


Kyle “Boom” Thegas

Human (Male)

Zero G Assault Storm Trooper

Kyle, or “Boom” as he is affectionately called, leads an assault team of forty Zero G Assault Storm Troopers. They are attached to an assault shuttle called, The Emperor’s Fist. They are strictly deployed in zero gravity environments where heavy combat is extremely likely.


High Admiral Galvin Corso

Human (Male)

High Admiral

High Admiral Galvin Corso runs the naval operations of the sector for Moff Tannis Arkith. The High Admiral commands a Victory II-Class Star Destroyer, The Indestructible. The Star Destroyer is also responsible for responding to nearby sectors in a military emergency.


Voth Vitaan

Human (Male)


Voth is one of the few successful privateers operating in the sector. Voth maintains a small fleet of starships that actively hunt out pirates on behalf of the local government. He has eventual aspirations to use his exploits as a springboard into the political arena.


Noke Blixin

Skrilling (Male)


Noke runs a very large junk yard with a small collection of other Skrilling scavengers. What started out as a complete eye sore has actually turned into an extremely profitable business. His company boasts numerous mechanics, tinkerers, and technicians.


Jae Yovv

Sullustan (Male)

Starship Technician

Arguably one of the best freelance technicians in the sector, Jae hires his services out to anyone with a big job that pays well. He is on retainer with several high-paying clients due to his substantial technical acumen. He has great connections for acquiring repair parts in the sector almost faster than anyone.


Hosk Lya’Lya

Bothan (Male)


Hosk is a prolific goods trader within the sector. If it is valuable and can legally be sold, Hosk probably sells it or has sold it. His company, Hosk Logistics, operates on several different planets. It has in many different branches of operation, including foodstuffs, textiles, electronics, communications, vehicles, starships, medicine, and fuel, just to name a few.


Cora Dalle

Human (Female)

News Agent

Cora is a field agent for Sektor 242 NewsLine. She is their premier field reporter and well-known throughout the sector. She has aspirations to be assigned to a different, more prestigious area of the Galaxy. But for right now, she’s the biggest news fish in a small news pond.



Adnerem (Male)


Tosoro operates one the largest, legal gambling establishment in the sector. He has several businesses spread over multiple planets in the system. Although Tosoro Pleasure Palaces (as they are called) are a legitimate business, they harbor numerous types of illegal activities as well.


Rafan Berav

Human (Male)


Although unassuming, he is a legendary scout that is well-known for various exploits in the frontiers. These days, he is often found in various cantinas throughout the sector trading unbelievable tales of his adventures for a drink. He has been known to come out of retirement on several occasions.


Nossor Proko

Quarren (Male)

Big Game Hunter

Known for hunting big game everywhere. His home is available for tours and shows like a museum for various big game creatures that he has hunted from all over the Galaxy.


Darro Enes

Snivvian (Male)


Darro runs a merchant guild that loosely toes the line between a legitimate corporate entity and a criminal organization. He is extremely conniving and resourceful. His guild specializes in arts and antiquities, specifically ancient cultural arts. He is rumored to own an enormous personal collection of Jedi artifacts.


Arin Riniath

Mon Calamari (Female)


Arin runs a chain of nightclubs in the sector called, Club Supernova. They operate differently depending on their locale, but they are a combination of nightclub, sports bar, restaurant, and even hotel (in some areas). They all operate under the Club Supernova brand and are owned by Arin. She is fiercely independent of criminal organizations and has had numerous run-ins with them.


Garan Zhalto

Adarian (Male)

Mechanical Engineer

The Adarian people have a well-developed mining, smelting, and construction industry. Garan has worked in those industries his whole life. His specialty is deep core mining and his skills are sought after within the sector.


Mione Dangon

Anomid (Female)

Wealthy Traveler

Traveling around the Galaxy with her crew on her Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht, The Golden Lily, Mione is a well-known fixture in the sector. She is a retired businesswoman from Corellia. She has extensive connections with local trade guilds in the sector.



Gran (Male)


Camus is the head of a guild that specializes in the distribution and transportation of wholesale foods. Their guild is called Reggiano Foods. Their foods come directly from the Gran homeworld, Kinyen, to the sector. They sell to numerous markets and restaurants. All of the employees of the guild are Gran from Kinyen.


Tinon Nalle

Tunroth (Male)


A renowned tracker and sharpshooter, Tinon is a tracker for hire or for hire as a big game guide. If the target is a sentient being, he will assist in tracking the person down but not for the purposes of bounty hunting or anything unlawful. He will not take work that opposes the Empire’s interests.


Kraton Jakurra

Human (Male)


Kraton leads a band of mercenaries called the Divinity Soldiers. Their group is run in an almost cult-like fashion. The Divinity Soldiers believe that their jobs are divine work from a higher power. Kraton leads them like a pastor leads his church.


Stasha Stagris

Human (Female)

Intelligence Operative

Stasha is a Rebel intelligence operative that has been working in the sector for many years. She has specific knowledge about the sector and many entities that work within it. Prior to being an intelligence operative, she was a pilot in the Rebel fleet that focused on smuggling goods between worlds.


Commander Khoan Berik

Human (Male)

SpecForces Commander

Khoan is in charge of Rebel Special Forces based in the sector. It is a small group but it carries out all major ground missions by Rebellion forces in the sector.



Gorith (Male)


Many mysteries surround both Ralgadoor and his race. His kind are not often encountered in the Galaxy and he uses that to his advantage. He has been a diplomat for the Rebellion for many years. It is rumored that he is, or once was, a Jedi. He never discusses the topic and when asked usually states, “It does not matter what I once may have been. For now, I am a Diplomat for the people.”


Kor’Torra Ter’rek

Ebranite (Female)


Kor’Torra is an elder Ebranite that left her planet long ago to help the Rebel Alliance. She uses her vast knowledge of terraforming, specifically knowledge of hydrothermal technology, to help the Rebels establish small bases on remote planets. She is physically crippled and cannot move without assistance. This leads her to assist Rebels around the Galaxy mostly remotely.



Marasan (Male)


One of the few to escape the Imperial occupation of his homeworld, Corra’vekin has signed on with the Rebels as a pilot and navigator. He primarily serves on larger starships that are part of a fleet, where he provides navigational advice to the entire fleet. He is a heavily modified cyborg.



Qwohog (Male)


Kai is a field medic with the Rebel military and accomplished rescue diver. He is primarily attached to naval squads or squads likely to encounter fresh water. While on base, he also doubles as a trauma doctor due to his incredible medical knowledge. He specializes in Bacta and Genetrene treatments.



Ranth (Male)


If he wasn’t working for the Rebellion, Ranth would probably be attacking and destroying Imperial equipment on his own. It just so happens that working with the Alliance gives him more access to things that go boom. Ranth is a demolition expert and uses his skills to attack and hamper Imperial interests.


Grussar Kurupchev

Tarro (Male)


Grussar is an independent special operative for the Rebel Alliance. He has no rank and no official job title. He takes any mission that the Rebels give to fight against the Empire, as long as he can do it alone. Grussar is a quiet and brooding individual who some may deem to be slightly suicidal.


Commander Zaalbacc

Wookiee (Male)


Zaalbacc has been a soldier for the Rebel Alliance most of his life. Due to significant injuries that he obtained during this time, he is no longer a ground soldier. He has focused on rising through the ranks and providing his tactical knowledge and experience to Rebel ground forces in the region.


Dr. Victor Reese

Human (Male)


Dr. Reese is often referred to as “The Mad Scientist”. His work revolves around one simple topic, time travel. Most consider him crazy but all that meet him realize he is a brilliant individual. His work has provided numerous advances for the Rebels, but none in the area of time travel… yet.


Zesl’i Nullatz

Ishi Tib (Male)

Chemical Engineer

Zesl’i works in the mining and production industries for various corporations and specializes in the collection of Genetrene and Triminium. He has also worked for the military in developing Genetrene into an explosive compound before leaving for corporate work.


Dr. Nien Hur

Sullustan (Female)

Holo Physicist

Dr. Hur is currently employed by various corporations working within the holo entertainment industry. She has previously worked with the Imperial military on top secret projects, but those records are classified as top secret.



Protocol Droid

Protocol Droid

C-L80 is a protocol droid that has been around for over two hundred years. He a unique model from an unknown alien civilization. Approximately one hundred and seventy years ago, he was memory wiped and reactivated with autonomous intelligence. He has since then become one of the foremost linguists in the Galaxy.


Tarla Vamma

Adarian (Female)

Nuclear Physicist

Tarla left her home planet to work with the Imperials where she specialized in atomic fission. But after several years of work, she got fed up with their treatment of non-humans and left on poor terms. She quickly found work in the sector with various mining and construction companies. She is actively wanted by the Imperials for leaving with valuable information during her departure.


Var’shanyi – M’shinni (Female) Geneticist

M’shinni (Female)


As a geneticist, Var’shanyi’s focus has been on modifying organics using solar power and agriculture. She is one of the only individuals in the sector that has the knowledge necessary to grow plants in a zero gravity environment.


Koskit Irys’bar

Bothan (Male)


Koskit is a member of the Bothan Spy Network. As far as spies goes, he’s very well known in the sector and has a James Bond-like reputation. He has quietly been at the center of some of the biggest spy incidents in the Galaxy.


Na’tina – Twi’lek (Female) Spy

Twi’lek (Female)


An independent spy for hire. She has many cover occupations, but dancer or personal escort are her most common. She is also rumored to be an assassin but that has yet to be proven.


Janos Bishto

Human (Male)


Janos has an extensive military background as a scout. After he left the military, he joined a small mercenary outfit. Now he is a spy that contracts his services out to a select group of organizations. He is somewhat of a renaissance man with skills in a wide variety of areas.


Kham Beruss

Human (Male)

Private Investigator

Kham used to work for the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) before infighting with Imperial Intelligence (II) cost him his job. Now Kham works as a private investigator that has extensive knowledge about the Imperial Intelligence communities and a new found dislike of Imperials.


Ledo Vikin

Anomid (Male)

Information Broker

While not directly a spy, Ledo has worked with various spies and in the spy “industry” for a very long time. He facilitates the exchange of information between spies and their clients. He will not work or associate with the Bothan Spynet. He is neutral in the war between the Imperials and Rebels.


The Broker

Unknown race (believed to be Male)


A mysterious individual that hires independent contractors for everything from artifact heists to spice runs. The Broker is a unique individual that wields immense power throughout the sector. No one knows his (or her) motivations, allegiances, or capabilities. There are many rumors about The Broker but no one truly knows much.