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Use whichever of these tables seem appropriate, whenever you need prompts for ideas and descriptions.


Freebooters on the Frontier, 2nd Edition Playtest by Jason Lutes of Lampblack & Brimstone (

This chart uses input variables
  • PrevailingAlignment

Ability: Roll on "Ability"
Activity: Roll on "Activity"
Adjective: Roll on "Adjective"
Age: Roll on "Age"
Alignment: {%if $PrevailingAlignment=={Good}%}Roll on "Alignment" (columns: 1){%else%}{%if $PrevailingAlignment=={Lawful}%}Roll on "Alignment" (columns: 2){%else%}{%if $PrevailingAlignment=={Neutral}%}Roll on "Alignment" (columns: 3){%else%}{%if $PrevailingAlignment=={Chaotic}%}Roll on "Alignment" (columns: 4){%else%}Roll on "Alignment" (columns: 5){%end%}{%end%}{%end%}{%end%}
Aspect: Roll on "Aspect"
Color: Roll on "Color"
Condition: Roll on "Condition"
Design: Roll on "Design"
Element: Roll on "Element"
Faction: Roll on "Faction"
Magic Type: Roll on "Magic Type"
Oddity: Roll on "Oddity"
Orientation: Roll on "Orientation"
Terrain: Roll on "Terrain"
Visibility: Roll on "Visibility"