Townsfolk Reactions to PC Heroes (d101)

to well renown good-aligned heroes as they walk past

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A collaborative effort by the r/d100 community to complete u/pandymcdandy's initial efforts. The original post is here.

...a list to use with my party who is starting to become more and more famous in the town they're currently in as they complete different quests in this town.

NB: Chart was completed by adding missing contributions from the comments (which is why it gets to 101).

d101 Result


A towns-person of the opposite gender stares admirably as you walk past.


Two women point at you and whisper to each other.


A young boy stares up at you in awe.


A young girl smiles at you.


An old man gives you an appreciative nod.


A man in the distance is shoving and roughing up another man. He then spots you coming and ceases his ruffian behaviour.


A flamboyantly dressed merchant gives you a big smile as he walks past.


A group of giggling young girls stop their giggling when they see you and stare at you. As you walk past you hear them whispering to each other.


Two guards bow slightly to you in respect as you walk past.


You overhear a mother talking to her child and say "See player-name? If you eat your vegetables you may grow up to be as strong/smart as they are!"


Someone shouts "It's the heroes of (City Name)!" or another worthwhile accomplishment of the group.


You overhear a lady talking to a man about one of your recent feats. He snorts and replies 'That's nothing special. I could have done that!'


A tall lanky man spots your party and gets so excited to see you he starts choking on his own spit, or [Mouth foaming guy] (


You notice several children are re-enacting your most famous achievement.


An elderly man/woman reminisces about how you remind them of their deceased/estranged son/daughter.


A cranky old man shouts something in any language but common. It sounds aggressive, but if a player picks up on the language, they'll understand that he is absurdly grateful for the parties deeds.


You walk past what appears to be a puppet show of your most recent exploits.


A Resolve: {woman|man} gasps and faints upon seeing the heroes approach.


A woman wearing the robes of an acolyte says to her similarly-dressed companion, "so the prophecies were true!"


A bedraggled man rooting through a pile of rubbish yells out, "praise the gods, they've come to free us!"


A foppish older nobleman with a monocle approaches with his elderly wife and says, "I say, jolly good show with that dragon!" The woman scowls at him and says, " no, that was the other ones!" They begin arguing and wander off.


You overhear someone whisper, "I thought they'd be taller".


You hear a guard say he could have been an adventurer like you, but then he took an arrow to the knee


A cloaked figure watches you silently from beyond the crowd.


As you walk by, you see a person stare at you angrily.


A jealous guard spits at your boot.


A local priest is loudly taking credit for your exploits - he and his congregation prayed for help and you arrived as a gift this the town from his god.


A local preacher yells to everyone that you are the cause of all their woes. Bad things keep happening to the town as a punishment because you are here and tolerated. He urged the crowd to run out of town


A pickpocket uses the distraction of the party's passing to bag a quick 3 or 4 purses.


At the back of a crowd of people watching you pass is someone shiftily looking the other way. Did he just peer through that window? Is he just going about his business indifferent to you or is he up to something sinister?


A shout from a window above says "look out below" but only after the contents of the chamber pot are airborne. [Roll reflex save]


As you pass through the crowd [greediest party member] spies a handful of gold coins in the mud of the street. You could pick them up but there must be 40 people watching you right now.


You overhear a bystander loudly scoff that the group hasn't done anything really remarkable in __ months/years, and (if applicable) that [different group of renowned good-aligned heroes] could take you easily.


A beginning adventurer looks at the party with a combination of awe and jealousy.


A kid tugs on their parent's sleeve, wide-eyed, and asks if that's them


A peasant who loudly pronounces doom coming and then when everybody looks at him/her, he/she tries to pretend that he/she didn't do it.


You notice a peasant who is loudly taking bids on which one of the party is going to die first.


A banner has been strung across a major thoroughfare congratulating the party. It has many spelling errors.


A teenage girl approaches your group begging them to take her with them as an hireling. She explains that she's trying to escape an arranged marriage to man her parents have essentially sold her to.


God on a Stick?" asks a passing vendor. He or she sells baked, pretzel-like holy symbols of the area's major faiths (on sticks, of course).
41 A veiled woman sits in a small tent in the town market. As the players pass, she calls out to them "Come and have your fortune told! Only one silver!


A man is chasing a small boy through the streets. The man is clearly angry, and is carrying a club. "Ignore them," says a well-dressed woman, "That child is a known thief; perhaps a good beating now will save him from a much worse fate later."


An attractive man/woman approaches one of the characters in the street; he/she quietly hands them a note that says, "I'm supposed to be passing you a note to arrange an assignation; please don't tell my friends I chickened out."


The group sees dozens of rats fleeing a warehouse.


A group of three farmers ask the party's wizard/sorcerer/warlock to bless their crops. If the character suggests they talk to a cleric or a druid, the lead farmer says "No, no, that won't do, at all; we're atheists."


The group notices seemingly quite out of place: an Illithid (or other monster race) working as a waiter in an open-air tavern, and no one acting as if anything at all is wrong with that.


The characters pass a merchant selling badly printed "dime novels" (2 coppers each, actually). "Hey, I've got one featuring your lot!" the merchant tells them.


The town's mayor approaches the group. He singles out the most heroic (based on reputation) member of the party. "Good Sir," he says, "There's going to be a witch burning tomorrow, and I was hoping you would do us the honor of lighting the pyre!"


A townsperson challenges you to a footrace


Proud parents approach and ask the party to bless their newborn, even if the group has no priest.


A townsperson approaches you and asks for advice on how to be a (their class).


A young girl runs up to you and hands you a freshly picked wildflower.


A young woman approaches you. She hands the you a beaded necklace and mentions she appreciates your recent help wanted to make you something. She then tells you a story of how your recent adventure has helped her.


A short stout bearded man approaches you and shakes your hand. He mentions he wishes there were more people like you around.


A young freckled boy runs up to you and mentions he's going to be just like you when he grows up.


A stout elderly woman spots you then asks you to remove a spider (harmless) from her house.


A young red-haired man approaches you and asks you a question about your latest adventure.


A middle-aged broad-shouldered man approaches you and mentions you should start up a (your-class. E.g. wizard) school in this town.


A haggard old shopkeeper approaches, holding a makeshift doll that looks like one of your party members and starts proposing a merchandising deal.


A small, brown-haired girl runs up and hugs one of the adventurers around the middle and thanks them for saving her parent(s)


A guard jokingly asks you if you're looking for another party member.


A halfling approaches you and asks to borrow some money because he heard you were good folk and loaded.


Several children playfighting ask you to teach them a combat move.


A somewhat wealthy townsperson offers to buy the party a round of drinks and/or a meal.


A shopkeeper asks for your help in promoting his product.


A townsperson asks for your help in arbitrating a dispute with a local lord or other townsperson.


Some over eager youngsters ask you to settle an argument on the coolness of swords versus hammers. (or magic VS weapons)


A Young woman runs up to you knowing your reputation and exclaims that her purse has been stolen and points down a dark alley where an ambush may or may not lay.


A look-alike of one of your party members is bragging to some townsfolk. They panic and perhaps run when they see you.


A woman, crying uncontrollably begs you to find her son/daughter who went missing a few days ago.


A young man tries to flirt with any female party members.


A group of townsfolk call you over to join in on their card/dice game.


Someone challenges you to a drinking game.


Someone challenges you to an arm wrestling match.


A holy person thanks you for your good deeds and says they pray for your safety.


You come across a barn-rasing. Those taking part ask if you'll lend a hand.


A boy tells you that their older brother is a soldier and asks if you've seen him on your travels.


A townsfolk approaches and gives a random item. It can be cash, a spell component, or a potion.


An Innkeeper/bartender walks up to the heroes and wraps his arm around one of them and offers them some free drinks/snacks at his tavern. If the player agree he will make it very clear to the townsfolk that THE heroes are drinking/dining at his place.


A fruit vendor in a stall on the roadside whistles to attract their attention. Then he tosses the heroes some apples, points, and winks.


A curious bard walks up and begins interviewing the part on their adventures, hoping to write a song about their travels


Two teenagers run up to the player and ask if you are really friends with Jenrindra like she said, and point to a third teenage girl behind them who looks mortified and panicked.


A group of parents approach with their children in tow, pretending that the children are awestruck and want to meet the hero. It's clear the kids couldn't be less impressed and the parents are more interested in meeting the player.


A young man runs up to the player and begins gushing with excitement about the heroic acts of the player, but the player only actually did some of them and is having other people's feats attributed to them my this fan.


A group of five or more fans rush up to the player yelling that a dispute needs to be settled, It sounds urgent. When pressed the fans begin loudly arguing about the players romantic interests, Do they prefer X Hero or Y Heroine? They will not be happy with a middling answer, and answering one way or the other is sure to disappoint one group of fans or the other.


A senile old man asks you who you are and why you walked on his grass


An old man hobbles towards the party. He shakes one of the party’s hands very enthusiastically. As he walks away you realize he placed a peppermint in your hand.


A group of admirers begins praising the party's deeds. It quickly becomes apparent that they have your group confused with completely different group renowned good-aligned heroes.


A ten-year old child approaches the group carrying the corpse of a recently dead puppy. He or she has heard about your group's Cleric/Druid/etc., and wants to know if you can raise the puppy.


A teen age half-orc/tiefling/etc. angrily denounces the group for having killed their father (who despite being an evil bastard, loved their child).


The village idiot accosts them babbling, "I'd like to take a selfie with you, but smartphones haven't been invented yet, and there's nobody on Instagram but a few planeswalkers."


A gaggle of small children run up to the heroes and ask if they'd like to play a game of tag or hopscotch with them.


A woman beset by a skeevy looking man comes up to one of the stronger-looking members of the party and starts interacting with them as if they were good friends, causing the man to quickly hurry off.


A peasant who tries to get an autograph from one of the party, and if he/she succeeds. Tries to don a very poorly made disguise and get another one and then another one.


A peasant who just has to touch and maybe smell somebody from the party.


A peasant who brings a baby for the party to bless and then tries to force them to take it.


A small child runs to the party, and, while sobbing, tells them an older kid stole their sweets.


Oldish man approaches the party, introduces himself as a historian and asks the party if they could spare some time telling him about their adventures. Yes, he heard about most of them, but he would like to hear it first hand. Also he wants them to sign into the towns chronicle.


Another adventurer approaches and wants to talk shop about the party's recent actions. He subtly issues putdowns and gives backhanded compliments about tactics.


One of the characters thinks they recognize a woman in the street from a wanted poster in another town.


An inebriated vagrant stumbles over slurring/shouting the players name, rudely stopping other townsfolk to make sure they know who this is. 50% chance the vagrant attempts to pickpocket you.