So You've Decided To Rest In Town Before Going Back Into The Dungeon! (d100)

Roll once per day of rest

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Adapted from a blog post by Zak Sabbath. Originally created by Google Plus DIY D&D community in this thread). (A few notes from Zak are in parentheses.)

_This table exists because I needed one last night and was forced to use a a shitty one in an even shittier published product which required you to roll 2d6 2-3 times on tables spread out over 4 pages.

I really love that, right before I go to bed I can write "Ok we need a d100 table of town events while you're resting to go back into the dungeon" and I wake up and it's done, no entries need to be edited out, there's no gazebo jokes, maybe a thimbleful of typos and it's at least twice as good as the thing in the overpriced published product.

Truly a tribute to the power of knowing who to kick out of your Google plus circles._

d100 What happened?


A trading caravan arrives in town, selling unusual and exotic items from distant lands.


Taxman has found out about the PCs expedition, demands Roll d4 on [20%;25%;40%;50%] of gp found.


There's a fancy party and everyone important is invited, the PCs aren't.


Whatever passes as the town's sewer backs up and produces Roll d3 on [1-3:an unwholesome encounter;4-5:an unpleasant discovery;6:an unexpected windfall].


A group of priests on a pilgrimage is passing through. They offer Roll d6 on [knowledge;magical healing;poison;assassination;lovemaking;skill training].


Another party is being feted by the local nobility for exactly the deed the PCs party has done.


Another party is being prosecuted by the local law for exactly the deed the PCs party has done.


Festival of Lies: to please the devils of deception everyone is lying today. Speaking the truth brings bad luck. The PCs Roll d2 on [are;are not] told immediately.


The city is re-enacting their victory against Orcish hordes twenty years ago. The city watch will be portraying the Orcs, and they're fed up with losing every year.


Some underground dwelling animals are collapsing one random building every night. So far Roll 1d10 people have died.


Rioters are building barricades on the main street and encouraging the populace to rise up against their oppressors.


The dungeon denizens offer a bounty of 1,000 gp per PC, dead or alive.


The denizens of the town are doing their normal routines but fast asleep. Disturbing their routines makes them fall down catatonic.


As you approach the Square of Orgos, Lord of the Dance, a miraculous site greets you. There is a hole in the center of the square. It is about 50 yards across, and, though these lands are pleasant and warm, bitter winds howl forth from the void in a blizzard of snow and sleet. From below, varicolored lights shine forth, and a pulsing, pounding beat can be heard.


Fox's Festivus! Folk come from farms afar for a day of sports, melee, arts & crafts, cooking, agriculture, science, alchemy, puppetry, blackmail, bribery, theft and/or foul rituals. Opposed skill check vs. the best of the backward, with participants risking ridicule, injury or misfortune for gains of fame, cash and prizes.


The townsfolk are distraught that somebody's swiped the magic amulet off the restraining sarcophagus that stops the townsfolk from turning into vampires. It must be put back immediately.


A loudly proselytizing cleric steps down from his wooden crate and confronts one of the PCs telling them he has vital information that could help them, repeating some cryptic information in his tirade. Before they depart he delivers a minor prophecy of little consequence, and when the prophecy comes true later that evening afterward the cleric is nowhere to be found.


A local landowner starts expanding the town's waterfront. Even if there isn't a significant body of water around.


You Klutz. You dropped the ring (important item, key, etc.) down into the sewer! (Zak's note: I wouldn't just impose this, myself, I'd make up somebody trying to steal it.)


The neighbouring town starts poaching animals, goods and people. They're building some sort of giant Roll d3 on [boat;wicker man;museum].


The midnight wizard aspirant procession. Students done with the cloistered college life may be wooed from the sidelines to join an adventuring party.


An obviously poor woman struggling to carry two large baskets filled with dirty laundry is knocked down in front of the PCs by two teenage boys who run off with her small purse of coins. One of the boys is an important noble's son who is bored and whiling away his time with mischief.


A chicken comes cartwheeling and sidewinding down the street between legs and through the crowd screaming "Help! He's trying to kill me! He already killed my brother!" and soon after a butcher comes chasing after the chicken. If the PC interferes, only he/she can understand the chicken (it has Int 8 and can speak to the PC but is otherwise unremarkable).


Local graveyard is vandalised. The locals blame Roll d3 on [1-3:visiting adventurers (ie the PCs);4-5:undead;6:local youths]. It was actually Roll d4 on [1:another adventuring party;2:a hireling of the PCs;3-5:bored local youths;6:undead]. It unleashes Roll d3 on [1-3:a mob of villagers with pitchforks;4-5:an investigation by the watch;6:an ancient and unspeakable curse (i.e. undead)].


Ergotism outbreak - you shouldn't have eaten the rye-bread. The ground erupts with demonic monkey-children and furniture comes to life, installing a despotic regime (Roll 1d6 dmg/day plus confusion effects, save vs. poison once a day to come to your senses)


Revelers of the Goddess of Dentures volunteer to knock your teeth out but expect donations. Some of the townsfolk actually happily pay up, and tell you you will find mamtaftic demptures undr your millow the next day.
(You will find dentures under your pillow the next morning, delivered by level Roll 1d4 thieves during the night. Their value is at about 50% of what you donated the day before. People who don't donate money will get a number of random teeth from random people. Roll d2 on [1:They're all yours.;2-20:…]


Ergativity outbreak: it becomes unclear who is the subject and who the object of actions. After it's over, decide by die roll if the players robbed or were robbed, the townsfolk burned themselves or something else etc.


Witch Hunt! Foreigner/Traveling woman (PC or otherwise) accused of responsibility for fatal overnight combustion of a pair of townschildren and a portion of their cabin. Angry Mob led by militant preachers scour town for evidence/witches/occult-objects/justice.


Scandal in the marketplace as it is discovered that someone has been tainting the flour with chalk and other, less wholesome, substances. Fingers point at the miller, the merchant and the baker but each denies it was them.


A previous (alleged?) "conquest" from the player's night of drunken debauchery comes waddling up extremely pregnant, priest in tow, "How dare you leave me, you bastard!"


Low level minion comes to town in disguise. Offers PC valuable help or insight if they kill his rival/boss on their next trip in. It Roll d2 on [1:is;2-6:isn't] a setup.


That person you were speaking to yesterday. The one who was going to do that thing for you. Yes them. They've vanished. What's more nobody else has any idea who you're talking about. Even the ones who introduced you or were there. 


Weeping widows of the slain come to town and harangue PCs for their crimes.


PC wakes up, discovering that previous trip was actually eerie prophetic dream. Everything reset. Things may play out differently next time. (You keep the xp though.)


A cowled and cloaked redhead brushes hastily into a secluded PC, taking their hand and insistently pressing upon them a Roll d6 on [severed finger;bloody scarf;runic tattoo;map;potion;magical, long-lived worm of continual light]. She whispers "Thank you. It's… Just be careful" sincerely, before kissing said PC lightly on the cheek and fleeing from the sounds of a pursuing mob.


A silver man who is hard of hearing asks passersby the direction to the shop of the tinker named Dr Giraham Klark.


That person you were speaking to yesterday. The one who was going to do that thing for you. Yes them. They've vanished. What's more all the locals think you're responsible. 


There's some recruiting for the king's army going on, every healthy and able person who's not a vassal or tenant is pressed into service. War is coming.


Somebody Roll d2 on [burned all the crops;killed all the cattle] and now hell breaks loose as everybody tries to hoard as much food as possible. Also, people (PCs) may be blamed (for disturbing monsters better left alone).


A group of youths cruelly harass a man wearing eyeshades and carrying a cane. They will be found the next morning slain with a long, slender blade.


Some slave traders arrived at the market, selling people the PCs may know.


A "bathrobed" prophet comes to town alone, claiming to know the answers to all your questions. However his answers are cryptic and explains away any confusion by claiming that inquirers do not really understand their questions. He gatherings a significant following and leaves with a significant group in tow. They never return but he may be encountered, alone, in other towns.


Agents of Continental/State authority pass through town, taking census and checking legitimacy of vagrants, bohemians etc. Illegals of insufficient evasion/bribery/bluffing skill are Roll d3 on [awarded a fine (1d6 x 100gp);awarded 1d10 lashes (1 damage each, save for half);escorted to nearest city for processing].


Invasion! A nearby enemy has marched an army on the town and either a) (if walls) has the town surrounded and supply lines cut-off or b) (no walls) is engaged in a pitched battle with local guard/militia/townsfolk.


While the PCs were raiding the dungeon, a party of dungeon denizens was raiding the town and stole all the healing potions/scrolls, which they will henceforth be using.


Local Baron/Burgermeister/Warlord demands levies of D10% of population's wealth, military service, or any able mounts for a raid/war/defence.


A prestigious mercenary company is also passing through, recruiting and flooding the market with bits of loot from their last campaign.


Community Chest! Random PC is the lucky recipient of the annual village prize, a randomly allocated Community Chest containing: 1 potion, Roll 2d100 gp, fine handcrafted Roll d4 on [cap;scarf;belt;boots], glazed ham, fruit platter, fine scotch and a sturdy, embroidered blanket. CHA check to see if villagers are supportive and cheerful or sour and resentful.


The circus is in town! 


A group of Roll 10d100 refugees arrives, fleeing an enemy heading this way. Denizens are Roll d2 on [packing their stuff, too;trying to get rid of the refugees].


The city wall is being reinforced: Roll d6 on [a moat is being dug out;a layer of brick is added;iron staffs are driven 10 feet into the ground to keep out tunnelers and sappers;new towers added;reinforced gates;double portcullises put in place].
The work done is is of Roll d3 on [questionable;normal;outstanding] quality due to/despite Roll d3 on [heavy bribing of the work force;the burgers financing this themselves;the queen paying for the security of her subjects].


You buy very smelly cheese rations. Very smelly.


Brawl! PCs aggressed by braviards whilst vulnerable in bathrooms/bedrooms/bar etc. Roll 1d6 damage to each PC (or resolve an unarmed combat against 6 professional ruffians).


The PCs learn that another adventuring party has beaten them to something/quest they were planning to do/go after.


A scruffy young man offers the party 10 gp to paste up a stack of posters around town. Non-locals must make an appropriate skill check to realize the posters are seditious before they get caught carrying them.


During the night a Roll d3 on [horse;amorous couple;stableboy] knocks over a lamp in the Inn's stables. You awake to the smoke as the Inn itself catches fire. Grab what you can!


You happen to bump into an extremely important NPC who is (perhaps uncharacteristically) alone and could use some assistance. This could go very well or very poorly for you.


Harvest, repairs, wrangling, weird rituals or some other business needs some extra doing, offering able bodied PCs a chance to earn Roll 2d6 gp each (or more if they can save a bunch of labour with magic). CHA check to befriend some local colleague/employer.


A lovely moon shines down on the city tonight, and it's unusually mild and nice. People bring out benches and barbeques, and relish in a night that is as peaceful as it should be.


Fire! The baker's catches alight during the night and is quickly engulfed. Fire spreads quickly across the merchant district and threatens the surrounding town. Roll d2 on [1-4:The fire burns for days, dying down then rekindling when everyone's guard is down.;5-6:…] Unless drastic action is taken most of the town could be consumed.
Rumours spread even faster than the flames that the fire is no accident. Outsiders are blamed and many are attacked by angry locals. The local Nobles send out their own agents to protect important outsiders but others are murdered in the streets.
The PCs, irrespective of personal standing and acts of heroism, are liable to come under attack by locals during and after the blaze.
After the fire the town eventually recovers, with a new street layout and innovative architecture. 


Returning to the hostel, a small crowd chokes the street, some in retreat. Loud retching can be head near the front of the crowd. Roll 1d6 individuals stand outside the the hostel doubled over dry heaving or actively void their bowels. More stumble from the inns doors in varied states of distress. And this is where you're sleeping!


Everybody in the town is the Padre's protégé, and so are you if you stay for more than one night. Payday.


There are a whole heap of filthy, spiteful rats in a bunch of the town's basements, and the PCs are offered Roll d6*50 gp/XP to clear the things out. It's filthy work and no hiding it; participants must save CON/poison or take Roll d6 damage and lose 2 from all attributes for Roll d3 days from illness.


You accidentally run afoul of a silly and ridiculous local ordinance (such as camels can only cross in the middle of the street or hats may not have a purple feather on Tuesdays). Whether or not it is true, the watch patrol is shaking you down for a donation for the Watchmen's Benevolent Association.


Nuns Errant, robed in grey and rusty orange, shuffle into town, bearing censers, wagons and animals. For inflated prices they sell combat trained foxes, cruel copper spiders, clerical scrolls, foreign maps, tomes of fact, tomes of fiction, everburning candles, love potions and graceful, glorious steeds with shimmering bronze manes.


One of the town's priests tells everybody to cover their door posts with the blood of a lamb because an angel of his/her deity will come this night and kill everybody who didn't follow the advice. The denizens Roll d2 on [do as told;hang the priest], the angel Roll d2 on [does;doesn't] appear. 


Census. The forces that be need to take down everyone's name, age, and riffle through their stuff in order to estimate their worth.


Manic Itinerant Preacher, Edson De Villiers, employs logical fallacies and insulting rhetoric to rally impressionable youths in the town square for questionable forest cult membership (Future quest?). CHA check by sufficiently angered and inspiring PC may break up the foolishness and sway Roll d6 youths (light irregular infantry) to join them for meagre food and pay.


Farmers' fair. Farmers from around six hexes come to town to show off their bestest produce. As tradition demands, the first price is a choice of an oxen or a cart full of second price entrants.


Roll d100 year-old Roll d2 on [male;female] villager is dragged into the streets and savagely beaten with sticks. Dies of wounds and eaten by stray Roll d2 on [cats;badgers] in Roll d6 hours, alone in the street, wailing and in agony.


A noble's wedding isn't perfect without some colorful guests like the PCs.


A noble's wedding isn't perfect without some colourful attraction… like some wretched, unnatural creature, dragged from the cursed depths and locked in a cage for entertainment. Reward of HD x 100gp for any such creatures delivered in the next Roll d10 days, doubled if sufficient discretion allows the noble to claim responsibility.


A breeding program is executed in this town, everybody with an ability score of 16+ in Str, Con, Dex, or Cha qualifies automatically and is asked for participation (Roll 1d10*10 gp per offspring).


A Freakshow Carnival comes to town! Carnival Barkers attempt to recruit all demi-humans maybe even resorting to kidnapping if they are particularly freakish. Rigged games of chance have a base 10% chance of success and 50% of the time return counterfeit coin or cursed prizes.


In the middle of the night, a cat wanders into where the PC's sleep, and speaks to one of them (random roll), "foretelling" her/his death the next day. Said PC must save vs fear in the first combat encounter of the next day.


In combination with the city's coldest month, it's also Earthquake season and a minor tremor has busted all the door locks in a particular residential district. Looters abound.


A band of Roll d3 on [half orc barbarians;giants;half ogres] has come to town, offering their services for Roll 1d10 gp/person and day. Several nobles and guild leaders are intrigued to settle their quarrel with their help.


A random Petty God is in town, doing their thing.


You "win" the Traveler Lottery. (as in: Shirley Jackson)


The gates are locked behind you as enter and the ward is quarantined; time to bust out the plague masks. What kind of Death is it? Roll d4 on [Black;Red;Blistering White;Divine retribution for something the PCs did].


You wake up in the morning to a mob gathered outside the inn. They are Roll d2 on [devotees and would-be sycophants;religious fanatics calling for your death]. 


Enough people have gone missing that someone has noticed. Investigation reveals it's slavers from the coast, taking people downriver packed in barrels. They have that jiggly amber guck all over them, like you find in a canned ham.


Kensai-equivalent seeks out party warrior, demanding a duel. Beat her and Roll d4 on [you get to keep her weapon;she swears fealty for a year and a day;she returns in a week with her followers and kills you and everyone who witnessed her loss;she dogs you as a villain for a few episodes before siding with you against a greater threat]. 


Sellswords' Candlemas: If the PCs light a black candle for, and can recount the name of every PC and hireling that has passed since the formation of the company, they earn a +Roll d4 bonus to Luck until the next new moon. (Miss any and their ghosts haunt you until you put their spirits to rest.)


Streets filled with local religious festival, potentially involving Roll d2 on [1-4:fasting,;5-10:…]Roll d2 on [1-7:feasting,;8-10:…]Roll d2 on [1-4:self-flagellation,;5-10:…]Roll d3 on [1:human sacrifice,;2-4:sacrifice,;5-10:…]Roll d2 on [1-8:abstaining from normal business practices;9-10:…]. Festival lasts Roll 1d12 days; participation or lack of participation are equally likely to cause offense unless the characters are charming (charisma check) or familiar with the rites (intelligence check for clerics).


A funeral procession for a beloved, local mage or cleric. Dozens of students, followers, henchmen, fans, etc. The crew from a rival school/church have set an ambush and will attack!


Doppleganger disguised as apprentice causes explosion at local pyromancer's guild. It is possible several experimental lab specimens have escaped.


Wolfschuhnacht - Every year on this date an indefinite number of wolves stroll into town wearing striped woolen socks on every paw. The locals know to leave at least 2 pairs of old shoes or boots outside their door for the wolves, but it's been happening so long they didn't think they had to tell the PCs about it. 


A level Roll 1d4 assassin is hired to kill one of the player characters.


While sitting watching the bustle of the town one random PC dozes off. They awake to find their purse gone.


Unintended Consequences: If the PCs engage in a interior brawl, there is a 1-in-4 chance a lantern gets knocked over. The resulting conflagration destroys Roll d100% of the town.


One of the PCs gets a sudden craving for a delicacy from their home town. They must make a save versus something Wisdom related or take a -2 to all tasks for Roll 2d6 days or until they can satisfy their craving.


People see strange things in a building in town. Roll d2 on [It's;It's not] really haunted.


While sitting around waiting for something the party rogue finds themselves in the perfect position to engage in some petty larceny.


A continuously enlarging man shouting "STERN!" tries to smash his way out of the town. A small group of adventurers pursue him.


While sitting together in a tavern the party are approached by an elderly man in a cowled robe. He offers them a job.
Roll d4 on [1-3:He needs someone to do his gardening or similar chores.;4:He is a member of a secretive mystery cult and had lost a vital piece of cult paraphernalia which he needs help recovering.;5:He's mistaken them for assassins and wants them to kill someone.;6:It's a setup. His lackeys are waiting to ambush the party at a prearranged location.]


Damn that Ale Was Strong: Fort save, DC 10 / Save vs. Poison. On a failed save, make Roll d6 rolls on the Carousing Table. 


Hellmouth. Without warning the Roll d2 on [workhouse;orphanage] collapses into a pitch black sinkhole. Besides the cloud of dust dissipating from the hole, only the highest peak of the roof can be seen, everything else fading to blackness. The screams of the dying or about to die carry on the hot air pouring from the hole: "It's after ME! Help!" is heard over and over.


PC is approached by a mongrel Roll d7 on [house cat;small but vicious dog;monkey;pseudodragon;sad-eyed golem;large rat;not-quite-evil-enough imp]. If treated with kindness, becomes pet/familiar. 


Weather changes dramatically and unexpectedly; reroll on weather table, or change fair weather to foul and vice-versa.
Actual cause: Roll d8 on [Rogue wild magic in the area;Spell cast by nearby spellcaster;Intervention of the gods;Result of the prayers at the local temple;Freak weather patterns;Prophecy or Seeing;Previously unknown ability of a magical item the PCs are carrying;A shifting of the planes blurring realities together].
Generally accepted cause by locals: Roll d8 on [Rogue wild magic in the area;Spell cast by nearby spellcaster;Intervention of the gods;Result of the prayers at the local temple;Freak weather patterns;Prophecy or Seeing;Previously unknown ability of a magical item the PCs are carrying;A shifting of the planes blurring realities together].