Sewer environmental encounters (d8)

In a sewer? Here are some envrionmental encounters!

Description (more info)

Roll on this table to determine any kind of encounter in the environment your adventurers might have whilst travelling in a sewer.

Designed for use for dungeons & dragons but could be used in any generic medieval fantasy game. View the parent table here.

d8 Result


You find ancient markings on the wall. They seem to be remnants of a long-forgotten religion practiced by some creature that inhabited these sewers.


You find a humanoid body.


Slippery terrain. Adventurers have to make a strength save (or simliar roll) when travelling or end up in the water, exposing themselves to disease.


An unexpected flood hits the adventurers with force. Everyone has to roll to avoid being knocked over, exposing themselves to a disease and a 10% chance that an item in their possession is lost in the current.