Magic Beings / Forces (d12)

d12 Result


A wizard has lost control of one of his experiments and it’s heading straight for the party. He runs behind it yelling “Don’t kill it! I can fix this!” as he frantically flips through his spell book.


A magical fog rolls into town and is making people disappear and/or unleashing all sorts of strange beasts.


People keep talking about weird things happening to them. Someone’s belt was cut, an animal was let loose, money/possessions have gone missing only to appear in weird places, the outhouse exploded on them, etc. Upon investigation, a group of pixies and sprites are the cause of all the mischief.


People have been having strange dreams and nightmares. These people are slowly becoming zombies/thralls of something.


A magical force has covered an important building(1d6). No one has been able to enter it for days and someone is said to be trapped inside.

1-The lord’s castle/fortress/mansion 

2-The library 

3-A prominent merchant’s shop 

4-The town/city jail 

5-The blacksmith’s 

6-The stables


A child walks with his/her mother when the child suddenly sneezes and unleashes a power they didn’t know they had.


1-The mother turns into a frog. 

2-Everything within 5ft of the child is pushed away by a magical force. 

3-A small fireball erupts under the child, burning anything within 10ft 

but not the child. 

4-Everything medium or smaller within 15ft of the child is now floating 



A large ship suddenly appears in the street, partially destroying a nearby building. Screams of terror can be heard in the ship and building alike.


The party arrives in town/city to find that part of it has recently been switched with another plane of existence! The denizens of both planes are now at odds with each other, with both groups blaming the other for this mess.


1-Some farmland has been switched with it’s Feywild counterpart. 

2-The library has been switched with a factory from Mechanus. 

3-The temple is now see-through, it’s resting within the Ethereal 


4-The palace/castle/keep has been switched with it’s Shadowfell 


5-The courthouse now leads to a layer of the Nine Hells 

6-The tavern leads to Limbo.


There are pockets of anti-gravity here, some large enough to make houses float! The towns people plead for the party to save the people in the buildings and figure out why this is happening.


A building sprouts legs and begins to walk away! Bonus points if the party is inside.


A gnomish man standing by a covered up mirror beckons to the party and asks if they want to take a test. He won’t delve into what this test entails but says that if they win, they will get 500GP and if they lose, he will owe them a favor. If they except, he pulls the cover off a mirror revealing a Mirror of Life Trapping.


The players find themselves in an alternate reality where reality runs counter to the players expectations (Rolling Low is now preferable, a 1 is a Critical Success and the goal is to Roll UNDER the AC/DC of challenges). This also rings true for social interactions as well. Being rude is preferable while being polite is an insult, etc. There are other, noticeable things wrong with this place as hints to the players.