Monsters (d10)

d10 Result


The Otyugh that keeps the sewers clean has surfaced and is eating everything it can get it’s tentacles on, including people.


A Treant and (1d4 +1) druids enter the city/town and state that these lands were once scared grounds and demand that it be returned to them.


(1d12 +2) Goblins, (1d6 +1) Bugbears, and (1d4 -1) Hobgoblins attack the city/town via the sewers.


A man is punched by a drunkard and is knocked out. As he lays unconscious, he turns back into his original form; An Ancient Gold Dragon. The towns people panic and some call for the dragon to be executed.


A Revenant comes to town and tries to attack someone important.


A man/woman is acting erratic and as the guards attempt to calm him/her down, he/she turns into a werewolf!


The gates to the Castle/Keep/Palace/Temple/Monastery have been closed and the guards are warning people to stay away. Apparently a tribe of Kobolds have borrowed into the East wing and are exceptionally vicious. The guards are struggling to contain them.


The Minotaur from the arena has escaped and is causing havoc in the wealthy district. The arena/guards offer the party payment for bringing the Minotaur back alive. Upon finding the beast, it pleads with the party to help him get to the forest so he may live in peace.


A banshee haunts an old abandoned mansion and the new owner would like the party to take care of it for him.


Rumors are spreading about voices coming from an old abandoned wizards tower in or around the town/city. The voices are telling people to bring small animals as offerings. If investigated, the party finds a troll living in the tower, not wishing to harm anyone but not savvy enough to hunt on his own, the troll has been trying to get people to bring him food.