Armies / Battles (d6)

d6 Result


The local militia is trying to help some folks in need but clearly need leadership, guidance, and some new equipment.


An army forms outside of the city and an emissary comes into town and announces that they all must surrender or die.


The local lord has declared martial law. A curfew has been set and no one is allowed to carry or own weapons.


The army here made up much of the town guard but they have disbanded and/or deserted, which has plunged the town into lawlessness.


A powerful wizard/lord conscripts the party, likely via magic, into his budding army. Once they’ve proven their usefulness their “entrusted” with leading an assault on a rival wizard/lord’s tower while the armies battle upon the plains below.


The party arrives in town to find it fully/partially destroyed from battle. A Cadaver Collector is collecting corpses. The party may want to put a stop to this desecration.