City Things (d10)

d10 Result


The party tries to head up the street but is blocked by the town/city watch. They state that the sewers are backed up and the area is unsafe. However, if they would like to help, the local lord is willing to pay someone to fix this mess. Perhaps the Otyugh has left and the town is in need of a new one or the pipes that empty everything into the swamp have been clogged by kobold/goblin structures in the sewers.


A building(1d4) is on fire! The bucket brigade hasn’t been formed yet and there are people/important things trapped inside!

1: The lord’s house 

2: The Library 

3: The blacksmith’s workshop 

4: A warehouse on the docks


A small riot has broken out over new tax laws. The people are marching toward the lord’s house with pitchforks and clubs but they stand no chance against the lord’s personal guard.


A large riot as broken out across the town/city. Apparently the beloved local lord has been murdered and the new lord is being accused of the crime. This may be the start of a small rebellion.


A banker trips and falls in the mayhem of the crowded town/city, spilling gold everywhere


A guy falls and spills a drink all over his clothes, if the party ask him, he's now upset he's going to be late for an interview. If only someone had a change of clothes or a magical cleaning method.


A bunch of kids bullying a little kid, having stolen his toy sword. If helped the child looks up to the party, which may get him into trouble later. The party may also be ambushed by the bully’s older siblings later.


Prisoners/Orphans are going missing, there's a contract on the town noise board that the warden put out to look for help finding out why these people have gone missing.


The party comes across a group of children fighting. Upon getting closer, the children all disperse but one lays on the ground bleeding. If helped, he/she says that it was a gang war between the street orphans. Many of the parents of this town were sent off to war and never returned so the children have formed a few different gangs to keep safe but the gangs have started waring over food and turf.


Oh look, a parade! Complications: (1d4) 

1-One of the chariots is accidentally/purposefully set on fire! 

2-It’s a parade for the king and he’s not very popular. It quickly turns into a riot. 

3-Fire jugglers from the local circus accidentally spook the horses and causes a stampede! 

4-Due to poor planning, half of the parade makes a wrong turn and ends up at a dead end. The nobility is ambushed and the guards cannot fight them off alone!