Drunks / Beggars (d6)

d6 Result


Someone "recognizes" a player and starts shouting at him, calling him a bastard and every other name under the son for sleeping with his wife.


A hag has disguised herself as an old beggar and hounds the party for gold. If they give her something, they receive a blessing , if they don’t, and are particularly rude, they receive a curse.


A beggar is acting strange and begins to:


1-Yell obscenities at everyone: They’re clearly drunk! 

2-Vomit everywhere: They’re incredibly sick! 

3-Attack random passerby’s while yelling about monsters: They’re delusional! 

4-Crawl up a wall, cackling as they climb: They’re possessed!


A beggar retreats into an alleyway with a bucket full of coins. He sheds his ragged robes to reveal the clothes of a nobleman.


A beggar with a distinct look/personality befriends the PCs. Later in the week they turn up with their throat slit. A serial killer is targeting vagrants.


A drunken man yells about the apocalypse on a street corner and begs the party to go on a quest to stop it!


1: He’s a drunken idiot who happens to be right. 

2-5: He’s just a drunken idiot. 

6-7: He’s a devil in disguise 

8-9: He’s an angel in disguise 

10: He’s a god/arch-devil in disguise