Monks / Priests / Holy men (d6)

d6 Result


(1d10 +5) monks are meditating outside of the temple today. One monks walks among his meditating brothers with a staff to make sure they do not fall asleep. They will not fight if disturbed, they will however, refuse to help the players in the future.


A monk/priest stands out on the street with a bucket, attempting to collect alms to help pay for renovations on the temple.

1-He asks the party for some gold, citing the damage done in a previous battle 

and the good the temple has done for the community. 

2-Someone steals the bucket. 

3-This isn’t a priest or monk at all, but a cleverly disguised beggar. 

4-This isn't a priest or monk at all, but a cleverly disguised bugbear.


Two groups of monks/priests from rival temples are arguing in the street and the argument seems to be escalating.


A cleric/group of clerics are struggling to contain a plague. They need someone to run to the temple to fetch more herbs and medicine. If there’s a cleric or other healer in the party, they also ask for assistance with the sick. The head cleric is a carrier of the plague without knowing it.


A Paladin declares a noble or the lord of this town/city an embodiment of evil and stands outside of the gate to the palace and demands that the lord/noble give him/herself up. He will ask for the party’s help in bringing this person to justice but demands that no one be killed.


A monk/cleric/paladin stands in the center of town claiming to be immortal because his/her god is on her side and dares anyone to prove him/her wrong.