Town Watch, Gangs, and Secret Societies (d6)

d6 Result


The town/city watch keeps the peace by being tyrants. Extortion and bribery from corrupt individuals is commonplace. Guards try to “collect a travel tax” from the party as soon as they enter the town. Later they can be seen bullying the peasants around town.


Two rival gangs run the town/city. The party encounters a member of one of these gangs bleeding out the doorstep of a house. If they help him, they gain the favor of one of the gangs while earning the ire of the other.


The party is approached by a hooded figure who states that he’s a part of a secret society that is planning on overthrowing the corrupt nobility in the area.


The town/city is run by a single gang and the party is approached by a man/woman that claims to be the former lord of this place. He/she wants the party’s help in taking back his/her town/city.


The party hears people chanting coming from one of the sewer grates. Upon inspection, they find a cult of some sort performing a ritual.


1-This is the Cult of Talona (or other disease-god), attempting to spread a holy plague. 

2-This is a Dragon Cult, trying to resurrect a long dead metallic dragon. 

3-This is a magical council, practicing their magics where they cannot hurt anyone. 

4-This is a group of divination wizards, attempting to look into a bad omen one of their members 

had seen in these tunnels.


Town watch has a mole in their ranks and the local gangs/smugglers keep getting tipped off. The party has to investigate in order to out the mole. Perhaps this leads to them joining the town watch?