Hunters / Poachers / Smugglers (d6)

d6 Result


Preparing for a hunt, invite the party along.


Bringing in some dead monsters to skin and sell to wizards and herbalists, but one of the monsters isn’t dead after all and goes on a rampage!


Some hunters are stopped by the guards and accused of being poachers. The hunters will ask the party to vouch for them and even slip them a 20 gold if they do. They are, in fact, poachers.


The party spots a group of smugglers trying to sneak cargo through a sewer opening by the docks/in a back alley. The smugglers will try to pay them or intimidate them to keep quiet.


The party stumbles across a group of smugglers trying to smuggle in war refugees into the big city where they will be safe. These smugglers will ask for help. These refugees are actually slaves and if they help, the party accidentally become human traffickers. Time to right their wrong.


The party hears rumors about a great white stag being responsible for a terrible harvest and there’s a hunt on for is head. The stag is actually a great fey trapped in this world.