Nobility (d6)

d6 Result


A Noble has decided to take a walk today. He/she (1d4), 

1: is kidnapped! 2: berates a peasant who bumped into them. They order their guards to whip the peasant. 3: falls/is pushed into a well. Calls for help and will pay the party to get him/her out. Maybe his/her dog shaped familiar comes to tell the party that their owner has fallen in a well. 4: is young and has never seen an adventurer before and is fascinated by the party and demands them to demonstrate their power and skills by fighting each other.


A body is found near the entrance to a sewer or tunnel. Upon searching, the party can discern that this person was of local nobility. Speaking to the nobles family may grant a quest to find the killer or maybe they’re framed for it?


Two feuding nobles have started a duel. They are supposed to turn and take ten paces, turn and shoot, but one of them only takes 4 paces before killing the other and runs. The referee yells to the players to stop the murderer, without killing him so he may face proper justice.


A noble addresses his/her people from their balcony. The party can see an assassin getting into position on the roof above him/her. They only have a few seconds to act.


A disgraced noble seeks to earn back his/her title and challenges the party’s fighter/barbarian/paladin to a duel to the death!


A noble has lost a precious heirloom and cant admit it to their court/family. They were on their way to retrieve it when they run into the party. Surely these Adventurer’s would make fine escorts.