Thieves / Conmen / Shady People (d8)

d8 Result


A group of hooded and armed people seem to be setting up an ambush on a merchant caravan coming down an empty street.


A man/woman is trying to lead the players into an alleyway saying that his/her friend has been hurt. Thieves lie in wait for an ambush.


A party member has their pocket picked. The thief dashes into the crowd. If caught, the party realizes it’s just a child.


A conman tries to pawn off a useless item on the party, citing it’s “incredible power.” He demands no less than 75GP but can be talked down to 50GP. Use the “common Magic Items” from Xanathar’s. Alternatively, the item could actually be worth something without the conman realizing it.


The party spots a small group of thieves mid heist. They’re robbing a bank/treasury and are loading the cart, hiding the sacks of gold in hay, when one of them spots you. They put their finger to their face (shhh) as they load the last sack and start to ride off.


The party is witness to a crime (maybe staged) and are called in as a witness as a legal battle ensues.


The party comes across a man peddling some suspiciously cheap healing potions. Although they work as intended, they also cause painful addiction to these particular potions. They need to seek out the antidote but the “herbalist” has gone missing.


The party finds something mundane, yet valuable on their way into town. If they pick it up, a man/woman is constantly after them, trying by any and every means to get it from them. They start by pretending it was theirs to trying to pay for it, steal it, and even maybe kill the person who holds it.