Gas spore dead beholder memory (OotA Subtable) (d4)


Out of the Abyss Chapter 2: Into Darkness

d4 Memory


They hold no memory fragment.


One holds a memory fragment from a dead beholder in its spores: Roll d4 on [1:A tense negotiation with drow, ending with the beholder agreeing to allow safe passage through "the Vast Oblivium" in exchange for help ridding its lair of a deep gnome infestation;2:Chasing svirfneblin thieves through the tunnels of its domain to recover stolen gemstones;3:A fierce battle against a wizened drow archmage, ending with the beholder suffering a grievous injury;4:Spying on a drow ranger with two gleaming scimitars and a black, quardupedal animal companion]