Random NPC Complaint - Peasant - Government (d4)

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Random NPC grievances about the government

d4 Result


Resolve: {quietly {complains|comments|mentions}|furtively {complains|comments|mentions}|secretively {complains|comments|mentions}|angrily {complains|comments|mentions}|conspiratorially mentions|loudly {complains|comments|mentions}|drunkenly {complains|comments|mentions|announces}|confidently {complains|comments|mentions}} Resolve: {their government|a rival government|their leader's officers|a rival leader's officers} Resolve: {are all greedy, foolish creatures|spend tax money {unwisely|ineffectively|foolishly}|waste tax money|let {{terrible|petty} criminals|corrupt {nobles|judges}} {run free|run amok|run willy-nilly|prey upon {law-abiding|upstanding} folk}| {tithes for the church|taxes|goods}{, on pain of {imprisonment|death}|}|are more like {brigands|murderers|thieves} }


Roll on "Random NPC Complaint - Peasant - Government Saying", they Resolve: {quietly {complain|comment|mention}|furtively {complain|comment|mention|admit}|secretively {admit|complain|comment|mention}|angrily {complain|comment|mention|state}|conspiratorially mention|loudly {complain|comment|mention|state}|drunkenly {complain|comment|mention|announce|state}|confidently {complain|comment|mention|state}}


Resolve: {quietly|furtively|conspiratorially|loudly|angrily|apprehensively} Resolve: {mentions|confides to someone about|talks about|complains about} Resolve: {the {government|current situation|way things are going}|what's been bothering {them|others}}, Roll on "Random NPC Complaint - Peasant - Government Saying"


Random NPC Complaint - Peasant - Government Saying (d10)

d10 Result


'Resolve: {taxes keep going up and up|everything keeps getting more expensive|it just gets harder and harder to live every day|it seems every day they invent a set of new taxes and fees}Resolve: {, and nothing is done about it|}Resolve: {, and soon {I|my family|my fortunes} will be {ruined|made poor}|}'


'Resolve: {tax assessors are blind to nothing but coin|the guard {always want bribes|are too {slow|incompetent|corrupt} to {catch|punish|deter} law-breakers}}Resolve: {, and nothing is done about it|}Resolve: {, and soon {I|my family|my fortunes} will be {ruined|made poor}|}'


'Resolve: {they're thieves!|they care nothing for justice!|have I said they're thieves and bandits{, well they are{, certainly|, for sooth|}|}?}'


'Resolve: {they only want to make war|they're too weak|they're too pacificistic|they need to fight more|there are more wars now than when I was a child|they think the {fight is going|government is being run|business is doing|the people are doing} {poorly|well|about as well as can be expected{, given the way things are|, all things considered|}}}'


'Resolve: {they fritter away money|their coffers are full|they eat nothing but the best|their fat bellies are full|they wear such finery|they have never worked hard in their life}Resolve: {, and their people are {poor|destitute|sick|hungry|imprisoned|enslaved}|}Resolve: {, and the {criminals|bandits|greedy nobles|tax cheats} {they do nothing about!|they ignore!}|}'


'Resolve: {taxes on|the price of} Resolve: {beans|bread|grain|food} keeps going upResolve: {, and the {poor|good folk like us} are left to {starve|suffer|break under the yoke of oppression}|}'


'Resolve: {tax collectors|the guards|government officers} are Resolve: {all in the pocket of|getting kickbacks from} Resolve: {{greedy|fat} {nobles|merchants}|wealthy {criminals|smugglers}}'


'the Resolve: {neighboring {town|village|street|city|kingdom} | {nobles|fatcats|merchants|criminals} of {this|the neighboring|the next-door} {town|village|street|city|kingdom}} are Resolve: {{bribing|hiring|corrupting} {soldiers|guards}{, fat and lazy|all weak|, all poorly trained|all poorly trained and ill-equipped|, all bent as a seven quid note|}|rich beyond measure|conspiring against {us|the government|the people|people like us}|up to something{ nefarious| shady| that is liable to {start a war|bring {ruin|it all} down upon us}}}'


'they know nothing of Resolve: {the will of the people|{good|proper} business|Law and Order|respect|peace|the true horrors of war|famine|plague|true horror|true evil|the gods}'


'it seems they will never Resolve: {repair {the church|the bridge|the road}|get rid of the criminal element|defeat the opposing government|lower taxes for people like us}'