Random NPC Complaint - Peasant - General (d10)

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NPC complaints about random things in general

d10 Result


the local Resolve: {parish|church|shrine|temple} is Resolve: {cold|{almost |}deserted|run-down}, and the roof leaks in the rain


the Resolve: {roads|trails} are muddy tracksResolve: {, and in poor repair|}Resolve: {, {washed out|nothing but mud|deeply rutted|} in places|}Resolve: {, and full of {ravenous beasts|terrifying monsters|far too many bandits|evil spirits}|}


the nearby Resolve: {forests|hills|buildings} are full of Resolve: {ravenous beasts|terrifying monsters|far too many bandits|evil spirits}


the Resolve: {local well|local ale|local wine|food} tastes of Resolve: {piss|urine|feces|rust|blood|vinegar|salt}


the Resolve: {local well|food at the inn/tavern} tastes of Resolve: {piss|urine|feces|rust|blood|vinegar|salt|rotting meat|rotting fish}Resolve: , and the {local ale|local wine} does too.


the Resolve: {vegetables in the local market|vegetables in {their|a loved-one's|a friend's|someone-else's|a spiritual leader's|a hero's|a neighbor's|a family member's|a rival's|an enemy's|a villain's} garden|vegetables in the fields} Resolve: {have been getting smaller every year|are rotting too soon|keep being eaten by crows|keep being eaten by worms}


the Resolve: {crops in the fields|fruit in the orchards} Resolve: {have been eaten by crows and worms|are rotting|are withered|were ruined by frost recently|were blown away by a {horrible|unnatural|unseasonable} wind|taste {foul|rotten|bland|unripe}}


the Resolve: {rivers|streets|basements} Resolve: {have flooded once again|keep flooding}


Resolve: {all |}the stocks in the Resolve: {granary|hay barns|root cellars} Resolve: {are dreadfully low|have been eaten by rodents|are moldy|were stolen!}