Post-Apocalyptic Encounters (d100)

d100 Result


A burned out hut, still smoldering. Two charred

skeletons lay just outside the door.


A broken-down personnel carrier, impaled by

an undetonated missile.


A family of three, their bodies splayed out in a

triangular pattern. All of their flesh is translucent



An abandoned windmill, rusted and forgotten.

A strange liquid sits in the basin at the base of the



A half-eaten corpse, buried waist deep in the

earth. Its fingers are broken and bleeding, and

fresh furrows in the ground show its attempts to



The cobbled-together shrine to some unknown

god, fashioned from scavenged junk.


A drive-in movie theater with the lifeless husks

of abandoned cars lined up for one last flick. If

one can get the projector working, an aged film

about a werewolf can be viewed.


An overturned freight truck with its contents

spilling out onto the wasteland. Broken crates full

of rusted out cans litter the ground. Most of the

choice morsels have long ago been scavenged.


An eerie blue glow emanates from a cave

set in the hillside. Phosphorescent fungus line the

walls of the cave, lighting your path to a den of

blind albino mutants.


A gas station, its pumps exploded and massive

black scorch marks all over the parking lot.


A caravan of blind people, their scarred eyes

covered by strips of bloody cloth. They are being

led through the wasteland by a deaf man.


A massive stone head carved into the ground,

staring skywards.


The remains of several wagons. Multiple

families lay strewn about, slaughtered. Sitting

happily in the middle of the carnage is a bloodflecked

Schnauser. His tag reads “Buttons”.


The green glow emanating on the horizon

gives away this small valley, littered with hundreds

of barrels of viscous toxic waste. Emerald pools of

the nasty stuff fill the valley.


A pride of escaped zoo lions hunt a herd of

zebra through the ruins.


A flayed man, devoid of skin and missing

several internal organs, suddenly drops from the



A one eyed man herding a flock of sheep. If

questioned, he introduces himself as Polly.


A seemingly bottomless hole in the ground,

from which emanates strange sounds.


A dead, bloated horse lays on its side.

Suddenly a man bursts forth from a slit in its belly,

his body steaming in the cold. It’s one way to stay

warm for the night, but the smell...


A small shack containing a still and dozens

of vipers, hung up on a line. The locals brew

concentrated snake squeezings from here.


Rows upon rows of mannequins, posed at

attention in a motionless army, their commander

nowhere to be found.


An overweight, scruffy man leading a group

of colorfully painted horses. He values friendship

quite a bit.


An enormous footprint, big enough to squash

three wagons put together. What kind of creature

could make such a mark?


A lone CB radio, squawking the transmission

of several panicked voices that give way to

screams. You think you made out their location

before it cuts off.


A large wagon loaded with scavenged goods

being pulled by a train of scrawny horses with

makeshift antlers tied to their heads. The driver

is a jolly man with wild eyes and a filthy beard,

wearing a stained red suit with white fur trim.

Optional: A twisted mutant companion, riding

shotgun. Goes by the name Krampus.


A giant mound of assorted articles of clothing,

enough to clothe dozens of people. They are filthy

and torn.


A suit of power armor lays on the ground,

face-up. As you approach it you hear a muffled

voice from the helmet. Turns out the person inside

this armor found out the hard way what happens

when power armor runs out of power.


An ancient hotel that serves as a miniaturized

community who uses complementary soaps as



A group of people are having a barbecue pit

roast...of a humanoid mutant pig.


A corpse hangs high in the air, clutching the

post of an electrical tower. He appears to have

died of dehydration. The ground around the base

of the tower is churned up, as if something large

had been moving through the dirt.


A field of mysterious energy waves that induce

severe hallucinations.


A mob of shouting villagers surround a giant

wickerman, which contains several trespassers

who are being burned to appease the harvest



Truck graveyard, with dozens of old-world

trucks half buried in the earth. Some have been

scavenged, but others are a goldmine for spare



Someone has stacked filing cabinets on top of

each other to form a tower.


Cryogenics Lab. All the power has gone out,

and those rich folks have all defrosted. Their safes

full of riches are there to be taken since they won’t

be needing them...if you can deal with the toxic

chemicals everywhere.


Little Dyson: This city-sized dome has a fusion

reactor at its center, an artificial sun to replace

that which has been blocked out by clouds of ash.

Heavily guarded by the populace and surrounded

by bandits desperate to get inside.


Famous Landmark: This iconic monument

belongs hundreds of miles from here. It’s wrecked

but recognizable. How the hell did it end up here?


A merchant who specializes in ancient music

discs and cassettes, but does not have anything

with which to play them.


A massive beehive, with millions of the stinging

insects. Some of them are the size of dogs. They

are dangerous, and not stupid. Their honey could

sustain you if you can fight...or talk your way in.


Dr. Morrow has read one too many ancient

novels, and is splicing together humans and

animals in a grotesque fashion. His goal is to

create a master race, the ultimate survivors in this

harsh land.


A fursuit, buried in the rubble, covered in

tactical gear and bulletholes. Where is its owner?



A decaying starship of human origin. Could

it be inhabited?


A sporting goods factory, thoroughly looted.

It’s almost as if people went for the football pads

immediately after the End.


This ruined monument has been passed by

hundreds of times, but if you look closely there

is a hidden entrance. Inside is a massive vault of

preserved DNA from thousands of dead species.


Remnants of a police force have turned the

ruined courthouse into a fortress. They ride out

to enforce their unique brand of justice on the



This man’s head has been completely replaced

by flowering fungal growths...has the cordyceps

jumped the species barrier? Try not to breathe in

the spores.


A brand new, mint in box dig

hurriedly through the rubble only to reveal another



A body crouched under a desk holding

a faded plastic tubed labeled “Homeopathic

Radiation Pills”.


A traveler calling himself The Librarian. A

lone donkey pulls his cart full of books from town

to town, collecting the lost texts of the world.


An old Winnebago, overturned on the side of

the road. The only thing of worth inside is a pair

of assless chaps.


This city was flooded when the dam burst,

and now the inhabitants float from building to

building in rafts and canoes, only using the top

levels of what once were skyscrapers. Look out

for sharks!


This house has so many corpses in it...but on

second glance they are lifelike silicone dolls. Their

hair styled, dressed up in attractive clothing. They

are sitting around in various poses. Upstairs is

their owner, laying in bed with one of them. He

has been dead for quite some time.


An odd place for an elementary school

playground...considering there’s no school

anywhere near this place.


A huge crater, large enough to contain a small

town, is blown into the side of a mountain. The

locals don’t seem to remember what happened,

but all of them treat the mountain with fear and



A dozen people are motionless, frozen in

time. Some of them are mid-run, and all seem

terrified as they look back at something. Nothing

seems to affect them at all but they appear to live.

What could have caused this?


A trio of blind women who are hardwired

into an aged computer. They will tell your future...

for a price.


Someone was clearly planning a massive

battle on this tactical table. Lovingly crafted

miniature soldiers are lined up alongside futuristic

vehicles. Scores of six-sided dice are littered about

the battlefield. Obviously the generals didn’t

agree on the battle-plan because one side of the

board is mostly cleared of dead troops, and the

victorious person lies dead of a gunshot wound

under the table.


A research lab, the equipment still mostly

intact but the power went out a long time ago.

Writing extends beyond the edge of the dry-erase

boards and onto the walls, becoming more frantic

and illegible as it covers every spare inch of the

wall. Where are the researchers and what drove

them to this?

A metallic skeleton, missing its head.

The people of this village seem to be enslaved

by two beings they call Rose and Cerebellum, a

pair of super-intelligent mice who have conspired

to rule the world.


A house that stumbles along on makeshift

robotic legs, owned by a crazed old woman

who claims to have magical powers. Is it just her

herbal treatments making you think so? Or could

it be true?


Stunted mutants roam the sewers, exuding an

oil through their skin that quickly oxidizes metal.

The things then gobble up the rusted bits.


An enclave that is ruled by a decayed AI that

they worship as a mad god.


A pack of ruthless feral children living in the

ruins of an amusement park.


That bacteria has evolved to eat oil. Keep it

out of your weapons and engines or you’re done

for. They hate water, but then you have a whole

new set of problems.


A metallic skeleton, missing its head.


The people of this village seem to be enslaved

by two beings they call Rose and Cerebellum, a

pair of super-intelligent mice who have conspired

to rule the world.


Construction site. This building was never

finished before the End, and there are loads of

materials and tools to scavenge. You may not be

the only one with your eye on it though.


That grey mold covering all the buildings

seems to be breathing, and once in awhile you

hear a strange keening in the distance. Is this stuff

alive, or even worse...sentient?


This huge mutant cowers in fear as you

approach it, an odd reaction for something so

fearsome. Why is it blubbering like a toddler?

What caused it to be so upset?


An enormous unmanned robot vehicle, just

wandering around aimlessly as directed by its

aging AI.


A crashed flying saucer, complete with dead

alien pilots. As you inspect the strange beings,

you find that they are humans wearing elaborate

masks. Where did they come from?


A caravan of very friendly people who never

seem to blink. What is that hanging from the base

of their skull when they turn around? Some kind

of parasite, a remnant of a bioweapons program

or a new organism? Are they truly friend or foe?


A minotaur, a satyr and a centaur are

bickering in the shadow of a collapsed building.

Are those just costumes or did these beings come

from another world?


A settlement built in an ancient missile silo.

They’ve attached makeshift huts and walkways

all around the (still-armed) missile and walls. The

roof is stuck open, but the missile never launched.


A battlefield strewn with bodies from some

forgotten conflict. Their wounds are strange

though, made with some kind of unnatural cutting

implement that shears through armor and flesh

and bone alike. Is this weapon still on the loose?


A metal lockbox with the words “Steely Dan”

etched into it. Sadly, there are no records inside.


A city block that seems mostly intact, if not

for the perfectly circular holes that have given the

buildings a swiss-cheese look. There is no evidence

of gunfire or any burning, just these holes.


A rotting community theater building. Your

excitement turns to disappointment when you find

that the weapons are all nonfunctional props.

There are manuscripts all about, but most of them

are too pretentious or boring to bother with.


A petrified forest, row after row of stone trees.

It doesn’t seem that odd until you start finding the

petrified animals...


The streets are littered with aged yellow fliers,

all of which have a wrinkled face on them and the

words “Ron Paul 2032” written underneath.


An oasis- a pool of cool clean water with lush

vegetation surrounding it. What’s the catch?


You break the lock on the storeroom, and

find a corpse huddle in the corner cradling a

tiny skeleton. The walls are smeared with blood,

forming the repeated words HEY LISTEN, HEY



A man photographing a nude model

in the burned out ruins of an apartment

building, seemingly oblivious to the dangerous

surroundings. They sneer at you, irritated that

they are being interrupted.


This pawn shop has been thoroughly looted,

but you spot a trapdoor in the back leading into

an old basement. You find an old chainsaw, out

of gas and a corpse chained up from the ceiling

wearing a rubber suit and a mask. A ball gag lies

in a puddle of blood nearby.


A woman with two heads is engaged in a

heated argument with...herself?


A ragged woman clutching a straw doll,

accompanied by a mutant wolf, an escaped zoo

lion and a man in power armor with an axe.

They’re looking for a wizard, but who could that



A cheerful old man in a sweater riding an

antique bicycle, its rusted gears and chain

shrieking as he makes his way through the

wasted terrain. If you look closely, it seems that

his shadow has a pair of wings that he does not.

He nods politely as he passes you and gives a

ring on his bell.


The corpse of an obese man in strained

tactical gear. Nearby lies a poorly maintained,

cheap shotgun and a display katana. Tucked into

the back pocket of his jean shorts is a zombie

hunting manual.


A dufflebag full of photo albums and

notebooks describing your recent adventures in

the waste, as well as several Ziploc bags full of

strange fat-streaked jerky.


A secret pit fighting arena which pits mutants

against each other while the bloodthirsty crowd

places bets. One could make a fortune betting on

the prize fighters, or become one.


A fresh water pump supplying the nearby

town is beset by mutants. They are poisoning the

water in order to mutate the villagers and force

them to join their tribe.


This town seems to be entirely populated

by deaf-mutes with intense psychic powers.

Whenever a healthy baby is born, it is deemed

inferior and left in the wastes to die.


The Bazaar: A caravan of traveling hoarders

that roam the wastes collecting anything and

everything. Mostly junk, but some useful things

if you look. They accept many forms of trade,

or you could attempt to overpower their heavily

armed guards...


In the middle of this ravaged neighborhood

is a single untouched house, in pristine condition.

There is furniture inside, but all of the valuables

are empty plastic shells. The food storage is empty

and no clothing in the bedrooms.


An orchard of bleeding trees. It could be sap

but it smells and tastes like blood.


The body of another wasteland wanderer,

clutching a rusty revolver. In two of the chambers

are crude wooden plugs to simulate that the gun

was loaded, but he has no actual ammunition on

him. Someone called his bluff. The back of his

skull is shattered.


A tree in the distance. As you get closer you

realize it’s not a tree, but a mass of people, their

forms twisted beyond recognition, flesh and bone

fused together into a quivering mass. Some of

them still seem to be alive, as pitiful moans issue

from the trunk.


The gigantic skeleton of some strange alien

beast, locked in a death-throe with a destroyed

giant robot. The robot’s head is smashed beyond

recognition, and you can see the skeletal remains

of its pilot hanging out the eye-port.


A dead clown, shot through the heart. A few

paces away is a corpse with a pie pan stuck to

its face. As you peel it away, the sizzle of acid

reveals that the man’s face has dissolved.


A bomb shelter in the back of a suburban

home, fully stocked with years worth of food and

water. The family within did not survive however,

as they succumbed to violence and killed each



A single lawn gnome, sitting in the middle

of an intersection of shattered pavement. It stands

and stares into the distance. Who put it there, and