Pokémon 5e Route 1 Encounters (d10)

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Rules by @JOEtheDM.

d10 Grass Forest Weather


A group of three Rattata pounce on the unsuspecting party from the grass

The trainers stumble across a thick web where two Spinarak wait for prey

Roll on "Pokémon 5e Weather"


A female and male Nidoran are in the middle of a stare-off, about to butt heads

Something shiny (Gold Nugget) is seen in the center of a wasps nest, currently occupied by an angry Beedrill

Roll on "Pokémon 5e Weather"


A Caterpie is being pulled in both directions by a Pidgey and Spearow

A pair of Mankey chase each other amongst the trees above

Roll on "Pokémon 5e Weather"


The trainers stumble upon a small pond, where a pair of Poliwag are sunbathing

A pair of Bellsprout are increasingly frustrated at each other as they try to pull apart their tangled vines.

Roll on "Pokémon 5e Weather"


The trainers interrupt an Ekans about to make a meal out of a Sentret

The trainers stumble across a creek where a hungry HootHoot watches over a pair of Surskit skip along the surface

Roll on "Pokémon 5e Weather"


A pair of Zigzagoon ruffle through a bag dropped by a previous trainer. The bag contains a Revive.

The trainers nearly run into a pair of sleeping Slakoths that hang from a thick branch

Roll on "Pokémon 5e Weather"


Two holes are dug into the ground close by each other, a pair of Sandshrew sleeping inside

The trainers are attacked by three Nincada who leap from the trees

Roll on "Pokémon 5e Weather"


The trainers stumble upon a creek, where the hear a Psyduck desperately try to get a Krabby off its bill.

The trainers stumble into a swampy bog, where two Paras attack the intruders

Roll on "Pokémon 5e Weather"


A male and female Pikachu play a game of tag amidst the grass

The trainers come across an old, makeshift cemetery haunted by a single Gastly

Roll on "Pokémon 5e Weather"


A Growlithe and Vulpix are in intense battle, creating a clearing of charred leaves and smoldering grass

A pair of Treecko watch the party pass by as they cling to the trees, waiting to strike

Roll on "Pokémon 5e Weather"

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