Places you don't want to find yourself station-side (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Crazy Andy's Corpse Reclamation Depot. Not because of the corpses and the buying/selling/processing thereof, but because the Crazy Andy AI that runs the vending machine is an irritating putz who won't leave you alone for days after you visit.


Caught in the loo when the RAPID DECOMPRESSION ALERT goes off


Stuck on the ship doing some menial task while the rest of the crew is off having a great time carousing


At the cracked, but not breached, window to out space.


The Dead Dock - Was once the dock for those who had to bribe their way in; drugs, weapons , criminal immigrants. Something Bad was brought in last year, resulting in panicked captains leaving without proper undocking procedure, venting the dock and leaving it a nightmare for the repair tech's. Considered a lost cause. There are still corpses to loot, but the Bad thing might have survived...


The airlock, as it begins decompression cycle.


Doing an EVA repair on the outside of the septic waste ejection chute, which has been backed up for a week.


On the surgical table, when the Medic gets that look in their eye...


The engine room, as the leaky reactors start firing up and filling the room with radiation.


The liquid hydrogen fuel storage tanks. When the power goes out. When all you have is your lighter on you...