Children's Games, Rhymes, and Claps (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Alien - one person goes and hides and the others have to find them, if the person who is hiding (the alien) can sneak up and tag any of the people hiding they have join the aliens team and help them try and tag the others. The winner is made when either the alien is found or there are no people left hunting the alien


Crazy spacey tasty dark
Last one asleep stays on the ark
Spinning sinning grinning bite
Last one awake stays in the night


Wurmsign. Each kid claps in a rhythm. First kid to repeat a clap is out, "eaten by the Wurm".


Skipping rocks: just like the earth version but MAN can you get some distance on the low-grav colonies.


Creak, creak
Squeak, squeak
In the vents they sneak, sneak
Cry, cry
Sigh, sigh
Hear them and you'll die, die


Monkey-Foot - A 0G form of soccer mixed with squash, played with a soft, palm-sized ball. Named so for the fact that many long-time spacers have been modified with opposable toes.


Diving - A game for the older kids. How many airlocks away do you reckon you could climb without an air tank? How about with the thermoregulation turned off on your suit? Divers dare each other to longer and more dangerous feats of EVA. Common on larger space stations or asteroid colonies


What's that in the black
Turn around it won't attack
Eat your heart, eat your brain
Now you're living without pain


A clap of medium complexity, featuring thumb-locks, jams, tri-beat slaps, and in some variations a vigorous one-handed shake. The rhymes vary, but the most popular is the recitation of a popular station-side commercial jingle. Those with a classical education may recognise it as The Scottish Play's 'Sound and Fury' soliloquy, rewritten to sell ice lollies.


Pogs. It’s Pogs. For some dumb reason it had a comeback. Usually they take the form of station politicians or war hero’s or other propaganda. The rarest are the ones now illegal to own; revolutionaries, assassinated governors, sad suicides