Small items -- technological, ancient, or alien -- and their strange no-clear-purpose effects. (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


A fist-sized cube of solid metal that spins lazily on its point and glows a soft purple. When someone enters or leaves a room, it hops. You get the strange feeling that it does so happily.


A small, featureless, not-quite-humanoid doll with articulated joints. Can move on its own, but only when nobody is looking directly at it.


A porous ceramic dodecahedron.  Placing it in a liquid will cause it to absorb about a cup's worth.  Spinning the dodecahedron rapidly will make it release a previously absorbed liquid at random.  Note that it can hold far more liquid than it should, but it only absorbs/releases a cup at a time.


Clearly by the latex dipped handle this is a tool. Yet the basically square head is too uneven to be a hammer and the prongs coming off of it are too thin for any sort of wrenching. It's not even effective as a bludgeon - the head is hollow and fragile.


Neon green gel that changes shape depending on nearby sounds


A small geared creature with six wings and glass eyes. it recites a series of clickety sounds in what seems like a random order, but is in fact a complex pattern made up of over 42 unique sound-phrases. It wants to be best friends!


A small chunk of unknown metal. Nonmagnetic, but attempting to move it feels like it is attempting to align with a magnetic field of some kind not unlike a compass needle. Trial and error leads you to conclude that the direction is independent of ship, planet, or star system. Left alone on a planet surface it will slowly rotate as the planet spins beneath it. It's not clear which end is the "North", but one or both directions it points to intersects with a star system a great distance away.


A snot layer/screen on a wall that glows slightly during the planet's day cycle, then dims and retracts to a snot ball where the wall meets the floor during the night cycle. Attempting to remove it from the wall risks electrical shock from an interaction between a powering mechanism inside the wall and the snot screen. There is no danger-- outside of triggering personal disgust-- interacting with the depowered night-cycle snot ball.


A machined box the length of a hand with a molded grip. One end sports a hole; between the grip and the box is a small lever that looks like you could pull it with your finger. It's heavy in your hand. It seems familiar. All the Marines have them too, or larger ones, and are looking at them with the same curious expressions.


A fat squat idol of some sort of fish-frog-lizard man made of a greasy black stone. It begins to vibrate in the presences of religious texts and paraphernalia.