Names for children and the meanings of those names (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Ellywhen — one whose feet have never touched the ground


Albert - named after the first monkey in space


Estrella- star in spanish


Columbia - space shuttle


Birds - derogatory term by Terrans to describe native born inhabitants of the Moon due to their fragile hollow bones from growing up in a low gravity environment.


199 Batch 7 (Batch, for short). Children born from exowombs on newly-colonized planets are numbered, not named, until several years after their birth when its clear they're going to be free of the rapid genetic decay that is common to their method of gestation. Some keep or return to their number-names as a mark of pride in survival, or as a protest against the institutions that created them.


Octrev: portmanteau of October Revolution, the popular name for children of labor leaders, strikers, coal miners and other hard luck types who hope that someday their child will kill their boss. Anyone with this name grew up on a planet that could charitably be considered hellish.


Isis Invictus: a popular name among Egyptian Traditionalists for the children they send to scout for worlds appropriate to resurrecting their faith. Also a faddish name for the young traveler types as it sounds quixotic and doomed.


Sanguine. Sang, for short. Someone with 'good blood' O+, that is, almost a guaranteed pass to the good life on some planets - and always fed very well.


Morpheus- Old Earth American name meaning "The One Who Sets Free."