Space drugs (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


RELex, Cross, Jesus Dust, Third Eye, Nasal Religion. Triggers the neural pathways associated with transcendental ecstasy, tends to be religious in nature. Not addictive or particularly harmful as a chemical, but has been the centre piece of many a cult and corporate religion.


Holy Mother - banned on a number of worlds for its unfortunately side-effects, that is to say it is highly addictive. Addicts cause minor electrical malfunctions in their locality which only get worse the more of them that are present. The problem is that the drug renders them acutely sociable causing them to congregate together in ever increasing numbers. Once they accumulate in enough numbers thats when the trouble starts, see the addict is in effect a node in a biological network that is in effect a hyperspatial portal to the holy mother.
Unfortunately she is very hungry, however she is content to eat the congregation before returning to her own dimension.


Skum- The brain of a Gaunt, dried in the Solar winds of the Galvean Solar System, and sliced into 2x2cm pieces. Taken sublingual. Tastes like licking a dumpster (hence the name). Causes vivid hallucinations which are sometimes terrifying in nature and is highly addictive. 2 in 10 chance of having a bad trip, causing a panic check. (follow normal rules for panic checks).


Green Ichor: a hot mess of animal and plant DNA that would make a truly monstrous chimera if it were cultured. Instead it is powdered and snorted providing heightened aggression and focus, insensitivity to pain, and the capacity to continue acting after truly fatal damage. Outside of being given to child soldiers and penal Legions, snorting it provides a strange euphoria and severely altered vision—kaleidoscopic fragments of ultraviolet light and visual sensitivity to wavelengths outside the human visual spectrum.


Freeze: mostly sedative in nature highly addictive popular on very hot planets. Makes the user feel as though they are chilly or even cold. Many of the users are found dead in deserts do to exposure, they do not feel the effects of the heat until it's too late.


See No Evil. The waste product of genome mapping Bathypelagic Zone fish by biopunks, SNE temporarily blinds the user and enhances hearing for d10 minutes. Users risk permanent blindness: Roll 1d10. On a 1, user becomes permanently blind. Increase by 1 for each subsequent use during that session. (Second use 1-2 result in permanent blindness, third use 1-3, etc)
Optional: Roll 1d4 and SNE enhances the following instead: 1. Smell. 2. Touch. 3. Hearing. 4. Taste.


H-Bomb: a large capsule taken orally or as a suppository that emits targeted radiation pulses aimed broadly at major nerve clusters, inciting large amounts of pleasurable feedback. Causes wild spasms for d6 minutes before it burns itself out, and may cause hallucinations. Will definitely cause cancer.


Warp Juice - Often used recreationally for its effects as a potent euphoriant and stimulant as well as aphrodisiac post cryogenic sleep by seasoned teamsters. "Warp Juice, for those occasions when strong coffee just doesn't cut it."


Night-Night Juice: Spacer 'artisanal' version of the drugs used to maintain cryosleep (proprietary blends of synthetic opioids, cough syrup, sedative-hypnotics, and essential oils). Popular on mining colonies or other places with poor night-day cycles. Some users claim to be able enter the dreams of other nearby sleepers including those in cyrosleep, which is odd as cyrosleepers dont dream.


Strata - Originally developed as a psychiatric aid to help with PTSD, by making new neural pathways around memories, though users often relive said memories while taking it. Mechanical effect: Reduce 1d10/2 stress, but make a fear save or panic.