Station bars (d10)

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d10 Result


Escape Velocity, a dance club. It's main gimmick is it's dance 'floor', which can toggle its artigrav to low or microgravity, as well as reverse to ceiling. Drinks are generally mediocre at best and definitely overpriced. Is likely due for a major lawsuit over the safety of its dance floor any day now.


Happy Hour. The bar run by androids, for androids. Main purpose is to give a space for androids to emulate and understand human social structures. This sounds exactly as terrible as it is for flesh and blood visitors. Their Bloody Mary is above average, at least.


Murray's. A bar operated by a holographic recreation of Bill Murray. Despite the extensive number of liquor and beer on both the shelves and the menu, Bill always serves you tequila.


Murphy's - An Irish style bar in Space. They serve Murphy's on tap and hold Thursday night pub quizzes. Above the bar hangs an old wooden sign stating "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" followed by a smaller self-made sign "so have a drink". A favorite amongst all seasoned space farers.


The Bug Hunt - A bar much favoured by marines, inspired by 20th century earth science fiction. Contains tacky latex models of various Xenomorphs, though some props appear to have been at one time more than just props. Famous for their cocktails such as "Acidblood" and their "Sigourney badass". Help yourself to their 64oz "Stomachburster" soy protein steak, tastes almost like the real thing, steak that is...


The Black Hole: plays nothing but gothic edm. Known for it's Bloody Mary's. Named because once your here you'll never want to leave. Probably ran by vampires. Definitely ran by murderers. They say there is a secret basement club but that's just a rumor.


The Dusty Sietch - Long Live the Fighters!


The Cinema - Not its actual name, but it is what everyone calls it. Very showy nightclub/bar that regularly remodels and renames itself based off bars and clubs from fiction. Owner is very fond of 20th century movies. It's currently 1. the club in Blade 2. Mos Eisley Cantina (Star Wars) 3. The Titty Twister (From Dusk Till Dawn) 4. The Korova Milk Bar (A Clockwork Orange) 5. The club in the Matrix 6. 2001 Odyssey (Saturday Night Fever)


The Rat's Nest- An underground dive that serves nothing but liquor. They run an illegal gambling room in the back that is invite only.


Fly Me to the Moon- A high class piano bar serving only the finest drinks and food. Always has live music, usually smooth jazz, but they also have a Frank Sinatra night every Friday. Tie required to enter.