Holidays (d10)

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Samhain/Halloween - When the walls between our dimension and others become thin. Just the time for scientists to test some dimension jumping test ship, what could possibly go wrong...


Founder's Day, where you celebrate the founding of the Company and all it has done to better humanity (and especially its shareholders), and are grateful to be a cog in its machine. Also the day bonus payments come out. Traditionally celebrated by dumping the flashfrozen branded Founder's Day cake out an airlock, then getting sloshed on engine core moonshine, and lamenting how you'll never be able to retire on a freighter pilot's pay.


"Bah, Bunkbug!"- Morale improvement consultants started this hygienic holiday in 20X6 to curb fleetwide infestations. Twenty days before yearly employee reviews, crew incinerate old bedding and uniforms or jettison them from an airlock. Many include symbolic items as a pledge to end a bad habit. A prime time to quit smoking or mutiny. Brave crewmembers don antennae headbands (and nothing else!) to open an airlock for a few seconds and taste refreshing vacuum.


Launch Day - On the anniversary of a ship's launch, a celebration is held in order to honor the vessel and the former crews that manned it in the past. The celebration lasts all day and consist of decorating the rooms and corridors and sometimes even the hull with trinkets found throughout the year. When the ship changes crew, some of the trinkets are welded together into a decorative totem which is left on the ship in order to be exhibited during all other Launch Days. The totems serve as a piece of living history and oftentimes inspire Launch Day tales of the vessels past.


HOLIDAY!!!!!!! - On the megacolony ship The Crossroads, holidays are a dirty word - "holiday" being a Stalker-Crazies term for when they find and crack open a previously untouched medbay or chemlab. For the next several days the sector will be awash with blood as the shrieking Crazies cut loose for the first time in a while and indulge in their usually frustrated drug habits. It ends when the drugs run out, and The Crossroads was exceptionally well stocked.


August the 5th - At every station, every outpost and every station, on August 5th (Terran Standard Calander) for 30 seconds all work stops and all go silent. Those who can take off their hats and helmets and most place their hands over the hearts. Most dont know the origin of this holiday, just the words and that it is for all of those that pushed farther and further for longer than they ever should have. For 30 seconds on August the 5th the PAs across the cosmos crackle to life and the spacers sing along... Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Curiosity, happy birthday to you.


Johnson and Johnson Day- Celebration for the company that invented Duct tape, without which space travel would have never been possible (it really can fix anything, just ask the crew who first flew to Alpha Centari)


The Hatching - the lizard people of the now human colony world Azunia celebrate the hatching of the "Great One" every 1000 years who will purge the weak from the tribe. Except some enterprising Archeologists have acquired the as yet unhatched specimen which is in transit on the 999y 12m 31st day.


Anarchists' Jubilee - Debts are forgiven, fees are waived, social barriers are torn down, up is down, the order is overturned, CEOs are paraded through the streets in drag while the homeless party on their diamond-hulled ships. Everything save harm is fair game for a day and everyone gets shitfaced. Currently being stamped out by the corporations, but still celebrated on backwater company worlds.


Stranger Day. Everyone has lost someone to the void. No one is ever home for Christmas. Birthdays are regularly missed. Stranger Day is a day kept running largely by teamster unions. On this day anonymous gifts abound. Random favors happen. Spaceport beggars are given to freely. Legend states the holiday was founded by a Teamster named Niklaus Hanzu who, having not been home in 62 years dumped his entire shipment of purloined luxury onto a space station slum of needy refugees. It’s common on Stranger Day for people who travel for a living find someone, somewhere whose name they do not know and whose cause they do not champion, and to buy them a drink, do them a solid, give them a lift, or find some way to help them. “No one doesn’t drink on Stranger Day.”