Jumpscares (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


A screeching rending noise like a living thing in pain, then the howl of venting air. You hit an asteroid that didn't show up on scanners - scramble for your suits!


Behind you a loaded magazine comes loose and falls to the floor, making a large sound. (If Stress >4, +1 Stress.)


You hear a crackling on the intercom and run to a vidscreen. She’s there with her faces without eyes. And she starts to claw her way out of the screen.


Passing the deactivated console, you see your tired face in the reflected surface. Behind you! A black figure looms... a smudge on the glass.


Peeling back the foil on the self heating ration pack reveals the normal cube of "cherry" cobbler, corn with peppers and grey brown pool of gray, but instead of a piece of soggy carniculture "beef" is a child's severed hand. On the palm the SustiCorp factory indenture tattoo still visible.


The slow sound of drip...drip...drip... comes from somewhere in the depth of the machine deck, back behind turbines and recycling tubes, through tangles of hanging filter moss. The deck under the hyper regulator is sticky with brown stinking mess. Searching through the spaces suddenly reveal the stowaway - pinned to the bulkhead with a pair of hull patching bolts through the shoulders, body carefully, almost lovingly eviscerated. By who though...by what?


You turn a corner and see a stranger in the ship’s uniform. They look completely unperturbed and claim to have been a crew member since the ship launched. You have no memories of them.


An airlock near you violently opens / shuts itself for no apparent reason.


As you walk down the hallway a steam conduit springs a leak and the pipe thrusts towards you like a whip.


You hear padded footsteps and a dripping sound. You round the corner and—it’s just the cat. But it’s dripping with blood.