Preposterous experimental weapons that the company told you not to touch (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


The ever classic Vortex Grenade: makes a small singularity that absorbs everything nearby - growing larger as it absorbs more... Don't let it go off planetside...


The Marionette Drone: flies over the target and shoots monofilament wires into the target which overwhelm the subject's nervous system allowing the pilot to "drive" their new "puppet"...


GB-01 Plasma Steam Annihilator : Experimental weapon issued to military units, particularly those involved in "Bug Hunt" operations. Consists of a small, wand shaped condenser unit attached via power conduit to a backpack sized atomic accelerator. When activated this weapon fires an unstable stream that can annihilate most organics and severely damage non-organic materials. Initial tests have shown it capable of blowing holes clear through ship hulls.
No more than one per squad are ever issued, due to an inherent danger in "crossing the streams" which results in the "TPR effect". Essentially every molecule in the body exploding at the speed of light.
"Hey Sarge, you reckon its safe to have that thing around?"
"Sure.....he's only wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back, what do YOU think Private Dumbass?"


The Autonomous Hunter Killer Robot - Designation TerminEater. So named because it eats its targets and outputs them as healthy and nutritious MREs for the squad. Model retired due to problems with Identification Friend or Foe, most units deployed with a TerminEator unit did not want to end up as Shredded Barbecue Beef.


Roller-Tank! Less a tank and more an "upgrade" kit that the company which invented it say can be fitted to any tank the purchase owns (they offer a retrofitting service). It is a terrifying array of monofilament whips and blades attached to a moveable roller and a superdense ramming prow they say is designed for clearing fortifications (monowire bales, tank traps etc) but is very clearly invented and used primarily for war crimes (or it would if those existed anymore, but with corporate law that concept holds less water)


BrownN0t3 - a redesign of riot control gear made by a hacker collective, fits inside a suitcase and can unfold to a waist high black carbon device. It vibrates in a frequency known to make humans evacuate, Androids aren't ( or are they) affected.


Mummy Gun- In the shape of a Tommy Gun but shoots rounds loaded with granules of desiccant, absorbing all moisture in the targets body, thus turning them into a mummy (or beef jerky).


Earworm nanites. Originally developed as a collab between marketing and the nanotech department, this later found application as a non-lethal battlefield application. The auditory nerves are targeted by the nanites, which then supplies a steady stream of jingles to buy Company product. The jingles are suppressed temporarily upon purchasing advertised products. Use addiction rules for buying relevant merch.


A malfunction in a wide area humidifier prototype led to the discovery of an potent dehumidifier with a large area of effect. Upper limit to functionality is unknown.


Wolfdye. Infects subject with hard coded DNA of intended targets. On touch kills those targets.