Terrors that Lurk in the Derelict Wreck (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


A bunch of pirates Because man is the true terror


Deep space Angler. Follow the light... https://www.geek.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/anglerfish-pixardisney-625x352.jpg


Rogue hull reconstruction bots. They can't tell the difference between your airlocks/windows/engines/comm array and a venting bulkhead.


"Libera tutemet ex inferis"


Irregular bio signs in the cryo chamber. Some are dead due to malfunction, but most have life signs. One has a wet thumping sound coming from its interior...


Fourth Dimensional intelligence


Scramblecorp: the A-Team of Space. Always blares their theme song, "The Savior Has Come", over every channel they can get a lock on. Theme song gets captured on every visual recording device because the song is also beamed (poorly) over some light wavelengths.


The cargo containers lay opened and its content scattered on the floor: dark cocoons of unknown origin that contain the larva of symbiotes. One of them has bursted from the inside.


Wreck spiders: They lurk in derelict ships preying on salvage teams to replenish their oxygen bubbles deep in the ship..


In a sealed room, a gaunt woman in a filthy patchwork spacesuit who doesn't blink.