Famous (or notorious) pilots sat at the bar (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


The Flying Dutchman: A one-armed Japanese man with a reputation for making the best Martini known to man. Has a thick Cuban accent and always has a cigar in his mouth. He singlehandedly (pun intended) took down the Goldilocks Gang and ended their slave trade business for good.


Arvid ’Champion’ Jackson: Winner of the third intergalactic race. Won’t shut up about it.


Back Jurton the Pillar Shaker, "Like I told my last crew of Marines, I says, “Ladies, I never hyperdrive faster than I can see. Besides that, it’s all in the Sanity checks.”


Roberts the pirate Dread: He is the scourge of the spacelanes. Once was a member of the intergalactic protection force - but thought they were too soft on crime - now he hunts down any hint of piracy and destroys them! A real downer in a bar...


Mikel Schumjagger, 5-times winner of the Ultima Thule Cup, sits on his droid-wheelchair sipping his drink from a straw. Dare to ask him what happened...


Eric Batty, Captain of the Lamentine (called the Lamenter behind his back). Every expedition he is known for undertaking ended in tragedy. Yet, somehow, he survives. Popular rumor is that he is cursed. He's very quiet. Bit of a heavy drinker, this one.


Paula "Squid" Tennyson. A freighter captain with a collection of several augmetic tendrils installed in her right shoulder that seem to move with minds of their own. Squid's a little distracted, but a hell of a mechanic and pilot, especially when her arms are doing six tasks at once.


Erica "Misty" Sardell. Covered head to toe in an electrolyzed mist machine of her own devising which doubles as a vacc suit. No one has ever seen or touched her body, and everyone that has ever tried has been "mistyfied" to an early grave. Specializes in EVA welding.


Delbert von Richthofen Some say he is a combat ace distinguished in the last war, others believe him to be cargo freighter captain. Some bartenders claim to see him every day, others say he is just a story. Anecdotal reports have one thing in common: Delbert always refused to go to cryosleep during jumps.


Elizabeth “Nasty Grandma” Hawkins: Lost her left eye and half her teeth in a fistfight with an android thirty years ago. Has worn the same leather jacket for the past decade. It smells. She’s kind to children, known for her sense of humor, and never takes her bounties in alive. Turned sixty last week. She’s not willing to die before her ex-wife Dolores “Eye-Gouger” Fields.