Faulty devices in the claw machine in the Amaterasu Station Lounge Lobby (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Emoto-bot, a small soft toy that is supposed to pick up on emotions and either help change them from sad to happy or to keep them where they are (happy).


Hyperoptimized Bouncing Ball. Will straight up murder stuff in zero-g


Dragonbreath, a potent energy drink made of a cocktail of hypercaffeine, amphetamines, and a highly classified sugar substitute. Consuming a can of Dragonbreath lets you stay awake for d10*10 hours, but will knock you unconscious for the same amount of time once it wears off. It's also a powerful solvent.


Miniature Stungun (roughly the size of a cellphone), it’s hot pink and has a vaguely IP infringing adorable cat on it. Sadly, it’s hastily assembled mass produced garbage. Roll a d10 when attacking: 1. it explodes for 2d10 damage and shorts out unshielded electronics, 2. shorts out with a pathetic spark, 3-7: works as a 1/2 damage stungun, 8-9: works as intended, 10: deals double damage and slags.


Anders-Pipak Vape Pen. Box roughly the size of a flash pen. Has 2d10 charges on it. Can reduce 1d5 stress per use once per day. Addictive. Reduces Body Save by 1 pt per use (permanently).


Peak Solar Powered Flashlight- Emits a bright light, but instead of storing solar power for later use it only works when a solar source is shinning on it.


12 derivaphetamine pills - 3 in 6 chance of working as normal amphetamines, 2 in 6 chance of not working at all, 1 in 6 of fatal allergic reaction


Box of 'deep space sea-monkeys', little xeno creatures that look like brine shrimp that glow faintly and float and scoot around in zero G. Most die off in a few weeks however these 'defective' ones are effectively immortal and they never stop growing (but need to molt, like lobsters). Mature queens are about the size of a black bear and just as voracious.


Salt-reclamation back brace w/salt shaker. Will collect salt from your body and moniter your salt levels. Salt is stored in a salt shaker for you to use whenever. 20% chance of pulling too much salt out of your body and causing kidney failure


RelyOn Brand Water Purification Tablets- 7 in 10 chance of working as intended. Otherwise turns water into cyanide. Body save or die