Trainer Path (d9)

d9 Path


Trainer Path: Ace Trainer

Your goal is to become one of the strongest trainers in the world, and so you excel in battle.

  • Level 2: All of your Pokémon gain a +1 bonus to their attack and damage rolls.

  • Level 5 (Battle Master): you gain a number of battle dice (d6) equal to 1 + your Wisdom modifier. You may assign these to any of your Pokémon to be added to a single attack or damage roll. You replenish your pool of battle dice at each long rest.

  • Level 9 (Tactical Mastery): Certain trainers choose to excel in one area, utilizing it to its fullest potential. Choose to increase all of your Pokémon’s speed by 10, increase their STR by 1, increase their DEX by 1, or increase their CON by 1.

  • Level 15 (Rapid Switching): You can recall and release Pokémon as a bonus action.


Trainer Path: Hobbyist

You choose to dabble in a variety of skills to take care of your Pokémon as it suits the current situation at hand.

  • Level 2: Whenever you capture a Pokémon, choose two of its abilities to increase by 1.
  • Level 5 (Versatile): You gain a number of skill dice (d6) equal to 1 + your WIS modifier. You may assign these to any of your Pokémon to be added to a single skill check or saving throw. Refresh at long rest.
  • Level 9 (Many Faces): Select a feature of any other Trainer Path that requires level 9 or lower.
  • Level 15 (Pokéball Crafter): each long rest, you can craft an Ultra Ball


Trainer Path: Poké Mentor

You have a nurturing touch and a skill for mentoring Pokémon to bring out the best in them.

  • Level 2: Your TMs can be used twice before breaking.
  • Level 5 (Pokéchef): 2/day create "Edible Treat" for Pokémon (heal 2d4+2)
  • Level 9 (Cheerleader): per short rest, action: until next turn, may add CHA mod to all allied attack rolls, damage rolls, or AC. Your Pokéchef treat now heals 3d10+6.
  • Level 15 (Loyal to a Fault): your Pokémon have advantage on saves vs negative status fx. Your Pokéchef treat now heals 4d12+10


Trainer Path: Researcher

You wish to learn more about Pokémon and the secrets that they hold within.

  • Level 2: add your INT or WIS mod (choose now) to any skill check your Pokémon makes
  • Level 5 (Analyst): bonus action: DC 12 Investigation vs Pokémon (hit: know its level and one ability)
  • Level 9 (Evolutionary Expert): level needed for evolution -1, effective immediately
  • Level 15 (Professor): per combat, bonus action: DC 12 INT check on a Pokémon (hit: know all 4 of its moves, +2 to all attacks vs it)


Trainer Path: Pokémon Collector

Your fascination with all the different types of Pokémon of the world drives your need to collect them all.

  • Level 2: expertise in Animal Handling
  • Level 5 (Gotta Catch 'Em All): per long rest, check Animal Handling with advantage
  • Level 9 (Careful Catching): Pokémon you catch are instantly healed of status fx and have full hp
  • Level 15 (Disciplined Strikes): if you would cause a Pokémon to faint, you can choose it to have 1 hp instead


Trainer Path: Nurse

You have a pure heart and a healing spirit. You want the best for your Pokémon, and that involves always keeping them in tip-top shape.

  • Level 2: Proficiency: Medicine. Per long rest and Pokémon center visit, your Pokémon get +temp hp = your level.
  • Level 5 (Pure Heart): you have a healing pool with points = 5 x your level. It refreshes per long rest. Action: touch willing creature, using any number of points from your pool.
  • Level 9 (Healing Spirit): for healing consumables, roll twice and take the best
  • Level 15 (Joy): per long rest, spend an hour to fully heal and cure of status fx up to 6 of your Pokémon


Trainer Path: Type Master

You feel drawn to the elements, focusing your skills into a particular type of Pokémon.

  • Level 2: Increase the STAB of your Pokémon that match your Specialization type by +1 at all levels.
  • Level 5 (Drawing Power): If half or more of your carried Pokémon are the same type, those Pokémon add 2 to attack rolls
  • Level 9 (Storing Power): your carried Pokémon have resistance to your Specialization types
  • Level 15 (Releasing Power): for your Specialty types, your Pokémon's STAB can be added to any damaging move of their choosing regardless of its type


Trainer Path: Commander

You rule over your Pokémon with an iron fist, demanding respect and forming an unbreakable bond with your team.

  • Level 2: Your starter's Loyalty increases to "Loyal"
  • Level 5 (Follow Me): any new Pokémon you catch get +1 Loyalty
  • Level 9 (Show Me What You've Got): per short rest, let a Pokémon activate a move from one tier above its currently learned moves; for Pokémon at the highest level, turn a hit into a crit.
  • Level 15 (We're a Team): Pool of command points = 1 + CHA mod, refreshes on long rest. Bonus action to spend: until end of next turn, allied Pokémon within 60' have advantage on attacks.


Trainer Path: Grunt

Whether current or aspiring evil team member, your goal is to cast down all goody two shoe trainers and rise up in the ranks!

  • Level 2: Take an additional Specialization
  • Level 5 (Dark Arts): Proficiency in Deception, Stealth, or Sleight of Hand. Per battle, impose disadvantage on an opponent's attack or save.
  • Level 9 (Speed of Light): You get the Alert feat (+5 init, not surprised while conscious, don't grant advantage to hidden attackers) and increase your Pokémon's move speed by 10
  • Level 15 (Admin): Proficiency in Persuasion and increase your control upgrade to the next SR level.