Domesticated Aliens (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Domesticated Humans
I diminutive breed of lap-humans bred by distant alien species. Descended from a lost Colony Ship that found itself without fuel in the middle of alien territory, these humans exhibit many of the same health issues that one might find in a pug, such as misaligned teeth, collapsed trachea, corneal ulcers, proclivity for allergies, and necrotizing meningoencephalitis. Some of these pets managed to escape into the wild and scrounge through life as stowaways, thieves, and pirates.


Stellar bonsai

These are examples of mobile alien plant life that had been potentially first developed by an extraterrestrial civilization in an undetermined age. When stationary, the lichenous form resembles a well-cultivated bonsai tree, but will move about across, over and up any kind of surface in search of minerals or organisms to consume for nutrients. Not surprisingly, these life forms have shown up in general trade, in large specialized terrariums, and are popular on long distance missions, as they not only dispose of pests (see the terrorflies above), but keep cabin air fresh through their excretions - with a sandalwood-like odor.


Sludge Lichen
Moss, or some brightly colored scum that grows on top of the recycle tanks - people being people, and spacers being people only more so, it's a pet. Sludgekats are found on almost any crew - spacers that collect, grow, trade and obsess over various varieties of simple plant, fungal, and other life - anything that doesn't move much, can live in a petri dish (though a real sludgekat will have at least one terrarium - usually with mood lighting). Sludgekattery is one of those harmless hobbies that spacers pass time with on long hauls, until it isn't - some very pretty alien fungus has serious mutagenic effects, and a few varieties of tank scum cause vivid hallucinations, but more often its just a disagreement about terrarium design, aesthetic disputes, or a sludge trade gone wrong that lead to companionway shankings, late night wrench beatings or a pin holed vac suit.


Diminutive facehuggers
Already mentioned as a "mil inconvenience", those harmless xeno-creatures can become quite affectionate once adopted and trained a little. They spend most of their time hunting pests or just idle, hanging from the ceiling, sometimes even following crew members like cats asking for strokes.


Walking Eyestalks
Standing about a foot tall, these little creatures consist of a single eyeball, mounted on a long eyestalk, attached to a slightly fuzzy, softball-sized body, propelled by a varying amount of sucker-lined legs. They are thought of as highly useful by many spacers, due to the ease with which they can be trained to watch something, and make a high-pitched chittering if it moves. Even lacking the need for that, a number of spacers just "like havin' an extra set of eyes around." They'll eat just about anything through their feet. No one's really sure what happens to it. They never seem to poop.


Semi mobile plants with a distinctive awkward gait—like sunflowers with endless tentacular tubers—harvested for fuel. There is a minority that believes they are sentient and object to growing them for mobile fuel deposits. Abandoned ships are sometimes full of them aimlessly staring into the void, the entire ship carpeted in a press of their bodies.


A resilient species of large, hairy, frog-like creatures that feed on small mammals. Similar to house-cats in size and function, the Ghili are often used in agricultural colonies for controlling harmful rodents and other pests. Enough time has passed that many people have moved beyond utilizing Ghili for their original purpose and have begun to keep them as companion animals. The Ghili have been bred to be placid by nature, but can be startlingly fast when startled or when they sense prey. With a projectile tongue and a preternatural heat sense, these frog-cats are effective predators.


Alternately known as 'Squeezin Fish' Druppies are a fish analogue. They look little like fish though, long ovals of gelatinous flesh, with something between tentacles or flagellum providing slow movement and a tendency to change color based on their diet and the liquid they reside in. Druppies have one notable feature that endears them to humans - their metabolism can convert most things (especially methanol and other industrial solvents) into ethanol, stored in the tissues. A single 'fish' of moderate size (they grow between 2" and 8" - right before they divide into multiple fish) produces about the equivalent of 2 oz of of high proof (100 - 160 proof) booze when squeezed. Flavor and texture of the tipple provided depend on subspecies and diet. Keeping a tank of Druppies is a common pastime that also tends to leave nearby cooling units empty of fluid.


Furry purring masses that feed off heat, electricity or other energy sources. They breed rapidly and asexually when the get their fill of energy, and can become a nuisance, but generally make a boring but loving pet if their food is properly limited. They also make an excellent emergency radiation shield when packed around a ruptured drive.


Space Draculas
Not real vampires of course, it's just a cute name given to cybernetic organisms, they aren't really aliens, though some exe-tech likely goes into them. Mostly cats, small dogs and monkeys cybered up to both keep them docile and plug directly into their human owner's cyberware. Some are industrial things, masses of grey metal and plastic housing spouting tiny manipulators from red scarred flesh - but many are pet designs, fabulous with brass, crystal and other ornament, reshaped in fanciful beasts or idealized forms. Inside they're still companion animals, crammed full of tubes, servos and a gel cortex or two to make them smarter (or able to micro weld). The ridiculous name comes from what they tend to do to their owners - not because they drink blood - but because having direct brain contact (and control) of a living thing with the mind of a predatory beast tends to warp one's personality and the bond of loyalty between an owner and their 'Drac' can get creepy. Like cat-lady to the 10th power creepy. It doesn't help that cyber augments tend to outlive their owners, or at least their sanity, and that despite their expense 2nd hand augmented companion animals are fairly easy to come by.D10 Disasters or sites of tragedy with lingering influence.