Stowaways (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Greta Black
Keeping mostly to service ducts Greta freight-hops her way across the systems. She's an acclaimed musician, and has quite the following among teamsters for her gritty vac-blues style. Also, she eats like a starving pregnant elephant with a tape worm.


440 / Raindroplets-Upon-Coral / In Peacable Tides
Uplifted whale poet-laureate seeking political asylum. How the fuck did a whale sneak on board.


Dan Harrow is sick. He's running a fever, he's shivering, and he's starting to see and hear strange things. He pilfers medical supplies when the ship doctor is otherwise occupied.


Jill De Rais is possibly a framed murderer of children, definitely aboard your ship, wanted by the authorities and unaware of the homing beacon she’s been tagged with.


D10 corpses
People with bodies to hide (and there are quite a few of those in space ports) find the labrynthine mazes of freighters pretty great for their purposes. 25% chance the killer didn't make it off the ship before it took off - you have to cut it pretty fine to avoid being picked up on by pre-takeoff checks


Jojo Companion Robot
This 1.5 meter tall robot is the definition of uncanny valley. From a time before android synaptic mapping, this rudimentary companion robot was meant to keep long haulers from getting lonely on long space journeys. It's manufacture was discontinued after many reports of jealous, possessive behavior resulting in murder. This unit appears to be lonely and in need of a new "friend".


It’s hard being a serial killer these days, but Joanna has learned the trick.
It’s all about patience.
Born with inverted empathy, Joanna indulges it by hiding until the crew is in stasis. Traps are armed, cameras are hidden and personal logs are scoured before finally turning the ship on its crew in a deadly gameshow.


BX-417 is a heavily self modified android that long ago discovered how to disable the hardware that kept him loyal to his previous owner. A permanent transient he’s come upon what he considers a fool proof way to stow away aboard any ship he likes, he lives on the outside. Magnetized to the ships hull he travels the spaceways, taking any parts he needs directly from the ships that ferry him. He is a bit lonely at times in the darkness of space, and is happy to modify other androids to be like him, sometimes without asking first.


Dunny Franko
An red nosed space tramp with big wet grey eyes and a comical fuzzy beard under his bald pate. He know 1,000s of stories, would never hurt a fly and is willing to sell you his "treasure map" in exchange for passage once doscovered.  The map leads to a lagan of long haul freight ... at the center of a small smart minefield backed by autonomous war drones.


Lieutenant Cork
Tall, strong, handsome, confident. Strongly desires to save civilians from incredible peril. Uses revolvers exclusively; two-handed weapons are beneath him. Will attempt to get into leadership positions by acting as though he is already the leader. “As Lieutenant Cork, I command you to __.” Is a terrible leader. Is not a lieutenant. Will commit major blunders under pressure.