Horrifying experiences caused by not going to cryosleep during hyperspace jumps (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


The ship now possesses elongated hallways, going straight down to a bright light. This hallway if followed is found to be leading PCs out upon sunny green meadows and fields of wild flowers.


You hear the normal creaks and moans of the hull under stress - but wait. Was that something pounding on the airlock door? You have to be imagining it, but you could swear you saw a face through the armorplas window...


Major out-of-body experience. Float around outside the ship for the entire journey. Looking at hyperspace for more than a few minutes causes migraines. You’re gonna have a bad time.


Time smears like on glass like a nosebleed in a shower and becomes a hallucination of interconnected signs and symbols. You disarticulate and rearticulate yourself frantically looking for stability as you vomit forth nothingness.


The indifferent universe takes notice of you, probing fingers prod and poke at your mind, less then a mote in the eternal vastness or forever. Conviction sets within you - you are a drop of transient matter without meaning, value or purpose. There is only suffering before you - the only solace is that your future is so brief.


You dissociate totally from your body and see clearly the layered nature of your consciousness; how thoughts and feelings have shape within you before you are even aware of having them. Those depths have huge leviathans swimming within them, and their motions displace and shape the layers above. Facing those leviathans makes a mockery of your ideas of free will.


Ripped apart and reformed across an eternity every second - your mind full of worms devouring and becoming - congealing into you as their children continue the cycle.


Nothingness. You enter a solemn and completely dark existence. Distorted sounds sharp as being stabbed are murmuring throughout eternity around you. Time feels like it simply drags not only it's feet but as well body to delay you the joy of getting out of the darkness. But even when you get out of it, you feel no more joy. You see only this  apathetic nothingness around you. The emotionless people surrounding you, and their voices are like wheels squealing before crashing.


Terrible visions of legions of space cuttlefish. They are all watching you, specifically.


You are no longer in control of your own body, rather you are a passenger, a prisoner, trapped inside of it. You try to wrest control back from whatever malignant force controls it, but whenever you do, someone else dies...