Hidden ways aboard the space station (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Poorly retrofit to a higher standard bulkhead doors channel out a deep empty section to hide the enlarged doors when open. If you pry up a couple of panels and crawl through a maintenance hole you can drop down through several levels by squeezing through. Best hope the doors don't move.


A few crates full of goods seem to have been misplaced nearby. In fact all nearby stations are getting a message that a very worried person has had an accident and would like them back. It is only the right thing to hold on to them for a little while.


A blowout, either real with a carefully applied bomb, or a little fake one with this program we can sell you. Then you slip in during the confusion, or even get grabbed by rescue as a fake casualty.


The Andy Dufresne - Very unpleasant, but effective method of entering via the waste disposal system. Hazmat suits will be a necessity for this route. Hope you have a strong stomach...


There is a small hole under a metal panel on the side of the station that leads into a tunnel in the station's guts. Meant as an access tunnel for the station's builders only, it was supposed to be sealed off after construction. Someone forgot to add a rivet, and so if someone pulled hard enough they could pull the panel back and squeeze their way into the station.


Portable airlock - Super expensive and only really bad criminals tend to have access to them. It's a small set of magnetic poles with a special tarp and pressure sensor attached to it, the pressure sensor reads the pressure of the other side of the hull and makes the portable airlock match it. Then all you need to do is cut your way in


The Frozen Treat - A large cold storage container of food stuffs is being loaded on board. You have managed to suit up in a Vaccsuit or other thermal protective gear and stowed away among the slabs of beef and pork...and piles of frozen chickens. Thanks to your suits, even thermal scans from outside just show the cold blue hue of a perfectly working freezer unit! Once stored, our intrepid adventurers can pop out via the emergency safety release.


Maintenance drones are often tasked with repairing/retrofitting/maintaining exterior service ports. Most industrial service drones have a small inner cargo cavity for storing supplies (air scrubbers, airlock gaskets, etc) which may be required for retrofitting station modules. An enterprising individual might capture and reprogram one of these drones, hiding inside the storage cavity in order to avoid detection. Imagine the interior of a 21st century refrigerator -- here's to hoping you like small spaces.


Abandoned escape pod - A dicey move employed by some hackers and pirates. Inject yourself with a cryogenic heart slowing shot, then set yourself adrift in an escape pod along the known path of a vessel in the hopes that they'll see your distress signal and pick you up. While in quarantine, your time release nanodrug awakens you to escape and create other entrances for your comrades.


Disassemble one of the excess heat radiators and get in trough a technical tunnel filled with liquid thermal conduct. Vacsuits are made with super high temperatures in mind, right?