Unsavory uses for Stimpaks (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Cooking Methamphetamine Analogue


Enhanced Torture Techniques


Kamikaze Cocktail -  Stimpaks cut with powerful painkillers and psychotropics. Sends the user into a suicidal frenzy. Used by some Mercs as well as pirates and raiders.


Mix with Viagra and spike the meds at an old peoples home


Lubricant for unconventional (potentially painful/damaging) sexual penetration


Zombie Shifting - Unsanctioned (but now facilitated by the variable dose thermal tabs of the CareMed (R) pack) slow application of stim to prevent sleep, and replace food for penal, indentured and contract workers.  A good manager can cut bulky food shipments to a remote worksite by 80% and increase shift time up to 800% with only a minor increase in accidents. Long term damage to livers, muscle, bone and brain function generally Don't show up for a year or two.


Food Additives - Some older style stim works directly to stimulate muscle tissues, and is now highly sought after by 'vat gourmandes' who apply it to carniculture meat where injected carefully it can help work very targeted areas of cell mass, simulating the varied texture of natural meats.


Ghost Running - An alleged pastime of orbital youths, who compete to see how long a distance they can 'dash' through vacuum.  A near overdose of stim can help push the body for another minute or more through decompression and without air.


Rat Rumble - Many small animals dosed with enough stim become agressive.  The practice of pitting stimmed up animals against eachother, or against a human 'terrier' is a coming gambling activity on out of the way stations, vessels and bases.  Unexpected fights between unlikely animals (a man v. 25 plus rabbits - known as Fudding  for example) are favorites


If you crack the syringe open, on some models, and pour the chems into a lightbulb, you can smoke it using a welder. The majority of the chemicals that get survive to the lungs are the opiod-types.