Interstellar Crime Syndicates (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Hover Boyz
They have hover boards, colorful jackets, sweet shades, bats with nails driven through them, and control of the two major political parties in their sector.


The Confederated Teamsters Union (CTU)
With due paying chapters all over the galaxy and a near stranglehold on interstellar shipping, the CTU has fallen prey to all the worst impulses of corrupt unions. Smuggling, theft, black marketeering, and more, they’re a feared organization on hundreds of worlds. Their “One Favor” policy whereby inductees are always called upon to do “one favor” at a time of the CTU’s choosing, has dispersed responsibility over thousands of union members, including those who aren’t corrupt or otherwise engaged in illegal activity. Everyone is called once.


The Dolls
Psycho space-bandits/entertainment-moguls wearing masks to protect their anomymity. They offer interactive streaming services during combat for the folk back home. The dolls operates along the fringe of colonized space. They prefer raiding, but if your defenses look imposing they’ll just sell you pillage and snuff fimed during past raids.


Up Against the Wall Motherfucker !
A loose network of anarchist collectives; advocates (more-or-less) for the abolition of both the state and private ownership of the means of production. Many members happy to  commit crimes against property with proceeds used to fund political activities. Many members also just enjoy fucking shit up; many also given to Dadaesque "statements", e.g. robbing banks while dressed as the cast of Ubu Roi and so on.  The motivations of UAWM members may at times appear murky or hard to understand but as individuals they are typically cheerful, optimistic, extremely violence prone,  and unfailingly entertaining.


Space Pundits
This group has supporters and detractors on every system. Though its triad of leaders is controversial and visibly outspoken, nobody knows what their true number of followers really is. They claim to stand and fight for the freedom of speech of humans, androids and AIs alike, but their critics say they have a secret agenda of mind-controlling humans, through audio steganographing messages on spaceship's comm systems, and the malicious hacking of androids and AI's core software to expand its creed. Some rumors say they have even found the way to entwine long lost and ancient magick into firmware components to achieve their obscure goals.


The Last Girls
Nihilist girl gang with a flair for automatic weapons, knives, heroin and high fashion. Many of their crimes consist of the pointless destruction of art, public figures or money. Their initiation involves burning the face of a Civil Patrol Officer with hydrochloric acid, anyone wearing their colors without having been initiated is horribly tortured and killed.


Leroy Butts
A memetic hazard that causes effected individuals to go through a ~2 week period of petty vandalism and destruction of public property.


Jump 9
A shadow organization originally founded by some of the first Jump 9 colonists, this group is primarily in the business of acquiring and selling exotic materials, drugs, artifacts, and specimens from the farthest reaches of colonized space. This syndicate has been a powerful yet elusive force since Man first reached to the edges of space. They are only dangerous when their business is threatened, but they have been known to have a liberal interpretation of what constitutes a "threat."


Dead Moon 88
Originally a group of asteroid miners, left in place on a decaying mining rig after their contract holders declared bankruptcy twelve years ago. The somehow survived, and made it back to human space in a cobbled together asteroid vessel. Numbers much depleted - a mad collective of hard, gaunt killers. The 88 will take pay in art objects, arms and stock shares to attack stations or small habitats from outside - using mostly jerry rigged vacuum suits and excellent communication. They kill all adults, but steal children under 5 for their own purposes. A blunt instrument of corporate terrorism.


Pearl & Terripan
Stodgy, tweed with Bassett hound eyes and a tendency towards a potbelly the clone fixers of Pearl & Terripan are an old organization. Each pod of clone brothers runs their own rackets, usually light stuff: swindles, pettifoggery, smuggling, forgery and such. The clones have connection to other pods, all claiming to be 'Pearls'. They all insist on genteelity, abhoring serious violence, but hold the threat of Mr. Pearl - the ' The Firm's other partner' out to those who would deal roughly.
Terripan has never been seen, but a semi-autonomous planet killer dreadnought of that name is unaccounted for from the wars against the Green Star Oligopoly - a first settlement splinter sector of brutal slavers worlds.