Additional locations on the surface of the dead planet (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Small island of small caves and tunnels crawling with small, six legged gliding mammals. Mostly harmless unless they smell fresh blood. Then they’re like furry, gliding piranha.


An immense, rotting carcass floats on the ocean currents leaving bloody rivers in its wake. A mating mass of death worms cavort inside the decomposing creature’s heart. They will attack and try to embed into any living thing disturbing their orgy.


Outpost Beta Charlie Zulu 0929483 - A research and observation outpost intended to be a relay link. The interior is choked with corpses who crudely wired broadcast equipment into themselves. "ALL HAIL THE NEW FLESH" overwhelms any and all communication systems within 1 km.


Buried deep in a rocky sandbar stands a rusty shuttle encrusted with purple salts. Small tentacled creatures jauntily bounce around the surface of the wreck wearing bleached human skulls and finger bones atop their strange spineless bodies.


A ring of land just sticking out above the surface of the sea with it's own brackish lake inside of it. The brackish water is compleatly black and from above looks as though you area staring into an abyss. If the brackish water is significantly distributed two alpha gaunts go to investigate the disturbance, rising up from the abyss.
This is actually an sunken old super volcano, which is still active, a hive mother of the gaunts has made it her home and she has 2D10 alpha gaunts as protection


The colony - A building sized gaunt stands here, digging up dirt. Its legs are animated by muscle fibre of merged bodies, it tramples on soles of human corpses. A deaf choir screams through its teeth of skulls. It grazes the lands for any and all organic material, an attempt to still its hunger and replenish its ”cells”. The first generation of progeny has been born and are ready to leave the safety of its bowels. It leaves 2D10 Gaunts Gaunt Walkers in its wake.


Halpert’s Health Supplements - A quaint store selling self-help, alternative medicine and dietary advice from one of the planet’s last survivors. Halpert, an android, is obsessed with optimizing human anatomy. Halpert is certain that expenses can be reduced by lowering the load on the human metabolism. Limbs can be safely amputated, brain lobes pulled out and unnecessary eyes scooped out. It frustrates him to no end that he only has gaunts to test his hypothesis on.


Underneath the oceans lie many ancient ruins of cities and civilization. Nothing suggests they were an aquatic species and scans of the planet show that there was once much less water and more dry land available. The islands left exposed are literally just the tips of the tallest mountains.  There might be some useful relics that could be reached in shallower waters.


The valley of ghosts - A huge valley cuts across a barren plain. Those traversing the depths of the valley say winds echo from the walls like whispers, penetrating comms systems, noise filters and their very minds. Even though it’s just the wind some swear they hear snatches of voices from people long dead, telling them things only they know, whispering dread secrets and warnings of things to come.


On an island about 1km wide lay the remnants of a small shack village. In a cave on the peak of the island there’s a cave containing a book made of human leather. The book contains every nightmare had by a small crew of humans who crash landed here 140 years ago. If read the reader gains 2D10 stress, must make a panic test, and gains 5% Intellect as they now understand a little bit more of the pitiful and horrible truths of humanity.