Additional places on the Dead Planet’s moon (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Sculpture trash heap - A serene gallery of Leer’s rejected creations. The sculptures seem to imperceptibly shift and change when not directly observed.


Exhumed mass grave - Traditional burial rites were honored up until the 5th day of hunger.


Native moon landing - A standing obsidian spear impaling a skull with both piscan and avian traits. The site is littered with alien footprints and rocks with broken-off samples. No sign of their lunar lander.


Abandoned amusement park under glass dome with large cracks. Here and there colourful lights blink on and off. There may be power the dome may still be airtight


Tent City - Exalted colonists who survived the moon waste hide out in scavenged habs. They’re plotting to take revenge on the colony that scorned them in d10 days. Welcoming to any recent crashlanders willing to help their cause. All of them were exiled by Malta.


The Ant Hill - A series of tunnels under a plasti-crete mound. The tunnels are perfectly smooth, rectangular halls of carved earth that all meet a central point about 200m underground. The center point is at a constant temperature of 40°C (106°F) and 100% humidity. You swear you hear a family member's voice when you walk through the center...


Moon Harpoon Cable - It runs along the dunes, a carbon fibre cable of impossible proportions. The ground trembles as it is reeled in, it writhes and uncoils as a serpent would, threatening to destroy all with its spasms.


The Hot Zone - A huge warren of discarded radioactive fuel cores and toxic waste. Rumours are something lives here as scavengers often never return...but that’s just because it’s so toxic ,right...right?


Far side - escape pod from one of the orbiting ships that tried to land on the moon.. Still sealed yet there are no visible bodies...-


Lost Man’s Trench - about twice as deep as The Mariana Trench. The bottom is totally unexplored. People from the moon colony have told of terrible sounds coming from the fissure. Walking through the trench, one can see fossils of creature’s past, civilizations, and geological anomalies. If a sound is heard PCs need to make a sanity save or gain stress and suffer psionic damage. Depending on what they see in the in the canyon walls PCs need to make a sanity save.